CD World From Home: Q&A Part2

We received so many amazing questions during our first CD World From Home Summit that we needed to break the Q&A in two parts! Welcome to the second part focus on Marisa’s presentation on visual content creation!

If you’ve missed the CD World From Home Summit, you can watch it here and you can check the first part of the Q&A here.  If you have more questions, let us know on the comments and we will be happy to get back to you!

Do you suggest making templates to easily make different assets?

Yes – by creating different templates with for your platforms you will cut significant time optimizing for the right dimensions across channels. You will spend more time, in the beginning, creating the templates but then, along the line, you will save time via re-using the same template.

We have made a list of the Social Media Specs you need to know for each platform. Keep this handy to create your formats.

What do you think is the best platform for visual content creation? Do you suggest using Canva or what is an easy app to make all these different assets happen?

Canva and Picmonkey are great tools to create visual assets in an easy way. We also like Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for when you are looking to use your own fonts.

How do you know how long your video content should be for each channel – unsure how to best edit my long videos into shorter ones?

It will depend on the platform – as a guideline, Youtube videos are always longer than IGTV videos and IG Reels/TikToks are shorter than IGTV videos. When possible, our advice is to keep an eye on your stats to audit when is your audience dropping so as to optimize the video length to your audience’s likes. If that metric is not available, conduct a quick questionnaire to your followers to find out their preferences.

On shorting videos, think about the main goal of the video – what you would like your audience to do at the end – watch the longer video? If so, create the short video as a teaser for the long format.

For the general guidelines, on the Social Media Specs you will find the max video length for each platform.

How do you suggest repurposing lifestyle portraits (pictures of me) on other channels like Twitter where those kinds of posts aren’t as common and the channel is more professional?

Twitter is not indeed the best platform to share portraits, but Instagram and your Blog is. When planning your content distribution, is key to keep in the mind two things:

  1. the channels you are using to promote your content so you create the content that will perform the best on each platform;
  2. the audience goals when on the platform – are they look to be informed? entertained? to shop?

Although, we always like to think about an Option B and provide you with solutions. In this case, depending on your tonne, use the portrait together with a sentence or comment to engage with your audience. We love Lornaluxe’s and LydiaEmillen’s accounts as an inspiration on how to connect with followers via Twitter.

(…) I have SO much video content that I want to upload across channels BUT am having the hardest time learning how to edit the footage? Any tools or freelancers who aren’t expensive? Any resources are greatly appreciated

When we don’t know… we Youtube it! On another level, you can always do an online course on video editing or recruiting the help of a specialist. On Fiverr, you can find different specialists for various areas, including video editors.

Is it needed to write a whole story for engagement?

For Instagram, Fohr carried a study that show that the better the storytelling, the better results you will have in swipe ups when talking about sponsored content. We would say that principle should be applied to all the content you produce, after all, as a content producer you are kind of a storyteller.

Also, let’s not forget that when you are writing for your Blog, long format content has a better performance on search rankings.

Should we make different style templates for Pinterest? IE: have three versions for the same post?

Yes, you should have different templates promoting the same post. Not only for Pinterest but for all the platforms you are promoting your content on so you are distributing your content using different visuals and maximizing its reach.

Since Pinterest changed their rules on re-pinning your own content, it is even more important to find different ways to promote the article via different Pins. On the How to Repurpose your Visual Content talk, one of the sections is dedicated on how to make more appealing content to promote your blog posts on Pinterest – we will definitely recommend you to save it as an example.

What tools does CD use to create your graphics?

Thank you! We have an amazing in-house Design team in charge of creating our graphics. They normally use the following tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Canva!


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    1. Hi Veronika!

      Accordingly, to Pinterest content guidelines, you shouldn’t re-pin the same pin content frequently as you should create fresh pins to add to the platform (enhancing the importance to create different visuals and use different formats to bring newness to your feed). Pinterest even says that “repetitive saving can create a disruptive experience and get flagged as spam.” so you should only re-pin the same exact visual twice per year to avoid penalizations.

      You’re welcome!

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