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Top Reads of the Week

We’re strong believers in constantly learning. To spread the word of our interesting finds, we will share our top reads each week. We’ll update …


3 Things We Learnt This Week

For the first time in influencers history, we are dealing with a global crisis. We don’t have any case study from the past to …


It is time to go (IG) Live!

The IG Live BOOM is undeniable and the same goes for its benefits. We know you want to keep growing your Instagram reach and …


Content planning during the pandemic

We’re all for preparedness here at chloédigital when it comes to content. However, during unprecedented times, it’s important to exercise agility in your content …


The IG Live Boom & Why to Use it

Something that the pandemic brought was time to consume more content, especially on Social Media. According to Vogue Business, “Instagram users have been posting …