Building an Email Subscriber List

Building an engaged email subscriber list should be a top 2020 priority. As the currency of 2020 is community, there’s no better way to foster than growing your subscriber rate. So…how to do this? The truth is that there are plenty of ways to maximise your lead generation potential. However, the impact and complexity of these differ depending on your current set up and time commitment. Therefore, to help content creators on their way to select the best tactics, we created our List Building Ideas Airtable document, available now for you to download.

Lead generating ideas – which ones should I use?

Once you’ve downloaded the table you will see that the ideas are split up by TYPE, DIFFICULTY LEVEL and IMPACT. You can filter these to assess what you have/have not got in place to prioritise your tactic implementation. N.b. the TYPE looks at the tactics strategically so as to ensure you have all bases covered in your lead generation.
There is also a Consultant Tip section at the end. Our CDC’s, (the strategy team who work with our VIP and luxe clients) have provided some advice on each tactic to improve their effectiveness.

How to assess which list building tactic is best for you right now?

Our CDC’s suggest assessing your strategic priorities, selecting the ones that are most relevant  for your content type and direction. It’s important to ensure that you are not only adopting tactics but making sure to follow through with promoting them to increase ROI.

To get you started here are 5 list building ideas from the document that our CDCs recommend implementing straight away:

  • Popup – regardless of feelings about pop-ups – they still are the most effective way to capture your readership to sign up. Take it step further and see if you can make the offer compelling to push them to subscribe which brings us to the next point….
  • …Content upgrade – what can you give to enhance your pre existing content and incentivise your audience to sign-up? Providing content upgrades, or lead magnets (across the whole site) significantly improve conversion rate and engagement. Take a look at your audience and their needs and see if there’s an extra offering you could deliver and make that communication clear in your subscription copy
  • Get a landing page – for prime UX during your email marketing promotion, a landing page is a must. Swiping up & link-in-bio’s are more effective to convert if there is only one action for a potential subscriber to complete. A landing page can cut out the white noise and funnel your reader to do one thing at a time – subscribe.
  • Gamify – use your ongoing content and social presence to create gamified reasons to subscribe. Challenges are a great way to boost subscriptions overtime. Along with giveaways (used every now and again), challenges can be impactful in ensuring that your readership are engaged but constantly aware of your EM
  • Make it easy – add your sign-up URLs to your social pages e.g. your FB page. FB is a prime location to set up, as this allows you to then prompt your subscription via boosting going forward.

Want some more email subscriber list building tactics?

Download now for more tips now!

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