Branding 101 for Bloggers: The Essentials

How do people perceive you through your blog?

Do you seem funny and easy-going, or are you more of a self-ironic type? What impression does your blog cast? Does it look super neaty or funky? Vintage or ultra modern?

Here’s the deal: a strong and memorable personal brand is essential for turning your blog in a full-time career.

Your personal brand is what differentiates you from other publishers and helps your audience relate to you on a larger scale (plus, attract the right brands for collaborations!).

Your personality and the brand it creates makes you truly shine. It is your key to success.

Today, let’s talk personal branding.

Every touch point with your personal brand matters, and small changes can make a major difference in how your audience perceives you.

It all starts with your about me page and blog manifesto; plus the designs, visuals and fonts you choose.

To create a cohesive, fabulous and irresistibly attractive personal brand you have to make sure even the tiniest things work in your favor – like a cute favicon or a custom “Pin it” button!


Consistency is Key


To encourage your audience stick around and return to your blog over and over again, you need to make consistency your top priority.

It comes in many shapes and forms:


  • Visual Identity: your brand colors & mood board; coherent typography and similar filters/editing routine for photos; fonts; logo and custom design elements e.g. social media buttons and signatures.
  • Your tone of voice
  • Your mission (your blog purpose) and how it correlates with the type of content you produce.
  • Your design, not only on your blog, but on your social media, newsletter and other materials you produce.

Your goal is to make everything you publish instantly recognizable by your audience. They should know it came from you out of all people.


Creating The Right Feeling


How do you want people to feel when they visit your blog or your social media profiles? What’s the first impression you’d like to make?

When consuming information we all want to feel a certain way – amused, inspired, accomplished, sad etc. – that’s how we connect with a brand or a person.

What kind of feelings do you want to instill to your visitors? Did they come to a fun place? A resource where they can learn something new? An empowering, motivational spot to boost their spirits?

Focus on the type of impression you want to produce and align your blog strategy accordingly.


Audit Your Blog Brand

Feel that something is missing within your personal brand? Here’s a checklist of all the tiny details you should mind:

  • Professional main logo.
  • Smaller secondary logo for social media and branded materials.
  • An avatar (profile photo) you use throughout all your social media profiles, your blog and comments.  
  • A snappy, professionally written bio for your blog & guest appearances.
  • Main navigation bar categories refined according to your brand’s purpose.
  • A killer “About Me” page with blog manifesto.
  • Enticing, professional website design.
  • A style guide for your brand (fonts, colors, graphics etc. you use for all your materials).
  • Branded social media accounts + a catchy tagline.
  • Image templates and standard editing routines for your visuals.
  • Branded email templates for your newsletter.
  • Branded email signature and professionally looking address.
  • Branded email opt-in with a relevant freebie to enhance your brand.



Back to you! How do you translate your unique voice into your blog? What design elements do you use to best communicate your brand identity? Let us know in the comments!

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