Boost Your Holiday Blog Sales With These 3 Tips

Holiday season is approaching fast. For bloggers and businesses alike this stands for a great possibility to grow your sales. However, you won’t reap the biggest rewards unless you come prepared.

Here are 3 smart and actionable strategies to help you with blogging revenue before 2016 rolls out.

  1. Learn to craft profitable and creative affiliate posts

It’s no secret that affiliate marketing is among the top ways to make money as a fashion blogger.

However, most of the fashion bloggers fail to identify what goes into using affiliate links effectively. 

Create the right type of content. Most bloggers approach affiliate marketing the following way: write the usual outfit post, drop some affiliate links in the bottom, and hope their audience will buy something mentioned. 

What to try instead? Use the type of content that works – tutorials.

Tutorials usually attract a good share of search traffic as people are constantly looking for everything “how-to”.  The best thing, however, is that people visiting from Google read your tutorial, find the answer to their questions, learn something new and are ready to make a purchase.

Here are a few example topics for your affiliate tutorials:

  • How To Dress for A Casual Day Date
  • How To Create The Best Christmas Outfit for Under X Dollars
  • How To Choose The Best Office Bag

You got the idea.  Now, dive into Google Keyword Planner and research the relevant keywords you readers are likely to search (or already searching and landing at your blog).  You can also revamp old posts with affiliate links if those are already performing well in Google.

  1. Launch a seasonal discount program

Already have a storefront at your blog? Encourage your readers to buy more with a variety of holiday promos.

Issue some special coupons and send them directly to your email list. Those should be the most valuable offers to thank your most dedicated readers. Also, as your email list knows you best, they are likely to be the first to buy your goods.

Bonus: Your newsletter discount campaign can serve as excellent bait to build your email list. So, make sure you promote the heck out of it!

Next, post special coupons on all your social media channels. Loads of folks scout social media for discounts as their holiday gift list grows longer and longer and their budgets stretch larger and larger.

  1. Take advantage of the visuals on social media

In this case I’m talking Instagram and Pinterest. Loads of girls will be searching for the perfect party outfit and that’s exactly what you can help with by shooting and sharing a list of Christmas-special outfits.

If you already have a large following, reach out to your favorite brands with possible partnership offers. 

Alternatively, take advantage of the affiliate marketing and create a series of list posts with the best outfit suggestions on the occasion and share the visuals on your social media.

As Instagram does not allow placing links in descriptions, make sure you remind your followers to click the bio link for more details and use relevant hashatags to expose your post to a larger audience.

Now back to you – are you ready for the holiday season? What are your tips for increasing your sales?

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