2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guide for Content Creators

2020 has impacted our shopping habits for years to come. chloédigital predictions are that you will become a visual merchandiser extension for brands as they will lean on influencers more-so than ever to grow their e-commerce sales.

With the financial importance of these events to your year, it is super important to plan the growth and visibility of your content, both to brand and to your readers. We have already started talking about the holiday content planning and today we want to deep dive into the two biggest shopping days of the year for online retailers and influencers with our 2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guide for Content Creators. We’ve exactly one month so if you haven’t started planning for these events you should start right away.

The Black Friday (November 27th) and Cyber Monday (November 30th) are super speed events where you need to act fast to make sure the deals you are recommending are still available. Although there is time to strategically plan these events while the stress levels are still low. Ready?


2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guide for Content Creators

1. Listen to your audience

Our first tip is to listen to your audience by asking them via email or social media platforms (for e.g. using the question sticker on Instagram Stories) about how are they looking to do their sale shopping this year (in-store vs online), what they are looking to buy, what they are finding hard about the season and last but not least when are they looking to start buying.


2. Plan your Blog Content

What will be the pillars of your content for the holidays and the cluster blog posts you will create? Looking into trends and to what your audience has told you, you will have a clear indication of what you should create to satisfy their needs and keep growing.

Also, don’t forget to:

  • Add value to your blog post and not just simply showcase an affiliate widget. Tell your audience why it is a good deal, for who they should get that product and why you are recommending it.
  • Check your content from previous years to see which ones you could repurpose for these special events.

3. Assess your Monetisation

Similar to what we have recommended for the holidays, it is super important to know what your audience likes to buy. Ask yourself: What is their taste? In this case, specifically, check what products got a higher number of clicks but a low number of sales as that could have been caused by the price point. Create a list and check if those products are part of a deal to recommend them again to your audience with a covetable price point.

4. Check your Shopping pages

Are there any shopping pages you need to update? Do it now before you start getting more eyes on your commercial content. While updating your shopping pages you will also identify opportunities for new shopping guides to offer to your audience dedicated to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

5. Speak with Brands

Check with your favourite brands what their plans are for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to assess how you can promote their deals.  For brands you haven’t worked in the past show them what value can you offer to their business by pitching them all the different formats you can work on and your affinity with their product. For long partners, be creative and pitch some out of the box ideas that will make you stand out against the competition (if they are not reading this article….) :

  • Offer something exclusive to your audience – it could be an extra discount, a free gift or access to an exclusive deal
  • Provide an Early Look – give your audience a preview of the products that will be on promo during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday – of course, curated with your taste.
  • Send an exclusive newsletter to your subscribers – a format that is often forgotten, you should use your newsletter to pitch to the brands. You can send a special round-up of the brand deals to your subscribers with the offers they shouldn’t miss.
  • Create an Edit – what are the hero products of the brand for you that are on sale? Share them with your audience in a beautiful edit where you can promote the brand to your audience going into more details at each product.

6. Promotion Plan on Social Media

Let’s not forget this important part of the puzzle that is imperative to conversions and engagement. Use your social media channels to drive more traffic to your website while offering new formats to brands.

If you already know what brands you will be working over the Sale Events, start mentioning them now so it looks cohesive for your audience.

Is never too much to mention that for any successful strategy you should make sure your social promotion is regular, clear and consistent! We have plenty of articles on social media so check those out if you are feeling lost.

7. Don’t forget your Email!

We have mentioned it before as an opportunity to pitch to brands but even organically you should keep your emails in mind when creating your content planning. A shopping newsletter is the best format to use for Black Friday and Cyber Monday email communications.


Are you ready to take control of your Sale Events? We believe you are! As an extra resource, check out our Gift Guide Tips for the Holidays as it will help you to create content with higher conversions $$$.

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