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Strategic Thinking

Hold on to your readers!

Whilst you’re sending your traffic away to brands and product recommendations, have you stopped to think about how can you keep the reader on …


Optimizing your Content for SEO

Optimizing SEO for your site will increase your chances of being found in Google and other search engines. A correct SEO strategy will ensure …

Strategic Thinking

Perfect the Art of an Welcome Email

Welcome Email for bloggers vs e-commerce Before jumping into the frequently asked questions on Welcome Emails, we want to clarify that creating a Welcome …


How to Master IG Reels

What are Instagram Reels Instagram Reels is the latest video feature from Instagram that allows you to record 15second videos and share them in …

Strategic Thinking

4 Key Points When Pitching Your Blog

Today we want to give you some tips to leverage your blog content when you are pitching your blog to brands partnerships. Nothing like …

Strategic Thinking

CD World From Home: Q&A Part2

We received so many amazing questions during our first CD World From Home Summit that we needed to break the Q&A in two parts! …