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It is time to go (IG) Live!

The IG Live BOOM is undeniable and the same goes for its benefits. We know you want to keep growing your Instagram reach and …


The IG Live Boom & Why to Use it

Something that the pandemic brought was time to consume more content, especially on Social Media. According to Vogue Business, “Instagram users have been posting …


The Rules of Instagram Captions

Finding ways to better your engagement with your readership and drive the desired action is a top priority for our CD Babes. Social of …

Strategic Thinking

Hold on to your readers!

Whilst you’re sending your traffic away to brands and product recommendations, have you stopped to think about how can you keep the reader on …


What Google Wants From Me

It’s true, content is the Queen of your SEO. Without it, you’ll have nothing to optimise! Google, the most used Search Engine in the …