3 Things you should know when using Amazon Associates Program

How many times have we signed in without reading the terms and conditions? Today we want to highlight three important guidelines that Amazon Associates have in place that you may have missed.

Going against these practices could lead to a suspension of your account and consequently loss of revenue.

If you are already part of the network and have read the Agreement & Policies before signing in, you can jump to point 3 – we won’t get upset. If you are looking to become an Amazon Associate read the full article before signing up. 

1. What is the Amazon Associates Program?

The Amazon Associates Program is an affiliate platform that “helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic” via Amazon products recommendations.

Check the Standard Program Fee Rates by product category, updated last April 2020.

2. What you should know before you sign up for the Amazon Associates Program?

Before you sign in to be an Amazon Associate, you should carefully read the following policies:

3. Three important guidelines when using Amazon Associates Program

The information below is based on instructions provided by Amazon Associates on their Appropriate Conduct FAQs.

  1. Can I use the term “Amazon” as part of my URL when using the Amazon Affiliate Program? No, you can’t use Amazon as part of your URL when using the Amazon Affiliate Program as such “use violates Amazon.com’s trademark, proprietary, and other rights”. more here
  2. Can I use the word dupe in connection with a brand name to describe an item? No, according to Amazon Associates Anti-Counterfeit Policy you are  “allow the use of the terms “dupe”, ”fake”, or ”faux” in connection with a brand name to describe an item. For example, you may describe something as a “faux snakeskin” bag or “fake fur coat,” but you may not promote the sale of a “fake Goodthreads shirt” or “Goodthreads purse dupe” if the item is not produced by Goodthreads.” more here
  3. Do I have to identify myself as an Associate? Yes, to comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations every time you share an Amazon affiliate link you need to let your audience know that a specific sale will generate a commission to you. more here

If you have been an Amazon Associates for a long time and were not aware of the guidelines above, we recommend going back to your content and making sure you are following all of the guidelines within your content and making necessary tweaks when needed.

For more information on the Amazon Associates Program, visit this page.

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