All you Need to Know about Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a social network for live audio conversations. As part of the guidelines, you’re not allowed to record without the express written consent of all of the speakers involved.

The app is still in Beta mode and available only for iPhone users. Although, they are looking to improve their features like tipping, tickets or subscriptions, to directly pay creators on the app and release an Android version.

The Guardian reports that the interest is so high that “In China, invitations are being sold on Alibaba’s second-hand market place Idle Fish.”. Although, since Monday 8th February, Clubhouse has been blocked in China.

What are the benefits of joining Clubhouse?

It is a new way of networking and finding people interested in the same topics as you. You can join just to listen to others, participate in talks or you can start your own conversations. As it is based on audio, it doesn’t have a heavy visual connection.

Setting up an account with Clubhouse

Once you get an invite to Clubhouse you need to complete your profile. A few considerations to do it right:

  1. Use your own name and not an avatar.
  2. Upload a friendly profile picture with your face, and not of an emoji, landscape or business logo. It needs to be personal.
  3. Write your bio before you start following other accounts, joining groups and attending conversations. A good brio should have your value proposition and how can you serve others.
  4. You should follow other users but also clubs and groups.

Clubhouse FAQs:

How to join Clubhouse?

For now, it is invite-only but you can create your account (to save your handle straight away) to get on the waiting list.

How to get an invite to Clubhouse?

If you have a friend with a spare invite, you can ask them to nominate you. Each person starts with five invites. Another tactic we have been seeing around is to ask for an invite on other social media platforms.

How to send an invite?

You can share an invite with a friend:

  1. via app by sending a text message or
  2. when they register, you get an app notification and you can welcome them.

What is a room in Clubhouse?

The room is the event where the audio conversation will happen.

How does it work?

The audio conversation will happen inside a room. In a room you can be a listener, a speaker or a moderator. If you are not starting the room, you will join as a listener. If you are starting the room, you are the moderator.

What is the “stage” in Clubhouse?

The stage is the virtual panel of speakers in a room.

What is a speaker in Clubhouse?

A speaker (or panelist) is someone who the moderator has invited on to the stage to speak.

What is a moderator in Clubhouse?

A moderator is a speaker who starts a room in Clubhouse with the power to add or remove others on stage, decide who is in a room and who can speak in it. As a moderator, you have control over the conversations and tone of the room.

What is a listener in Clubhouse?

Is someone in a room that is only listening to the conversation on mute. As a listener, you can raise your hand to be a speaker and make a live comment or question. You can raise your hand by tapping the button in the lower right to let the moderator know that you’d like to be added as a speaker.

What is a club in Clubhouse?

Clubs are an in work feature in the app and currently, you can only create a club via a submission form to be approved by Clubhouse. At the moment, a user can only create 2 clubs and you will need to host a weekly show 3 times to get your request approved.

How do you create a room in Clubhouse?

You can create your own room in two different ways:

  1. schedule a room  – it gives you some benefits as a link to share, your followers will be notified and you can add a description.  If you are part of a club, you can also associate your room with the club.
  2. spontaneously start a room – you won’t have the option to add a description or get a link to share the event. Once you open the room, you will be able to decide if you want it to be open (to everyone on the platform), a social room (only for people you follow) or closed (only users invited by you). As you can open the room at any moment after starting it, this could be a great option if you are still getting used to the app.

Clubhouse Pros and Cons

Pros of Clubhouse:

  • Less preparation time to organize or take part in a live event
  • Bidirectional communication
  • As it is audio-only, you can do other tasks while in Clubhouse
  • The content shared is more organic and spontaneous as it doesn’t follow a script

Cons of Clubhouse:

  • Being an audio-only app, it brings the issue of being accessible
  • The audio content or the events won’t be indexed to Search Engines causing a discoverability concern outside the app. Inside the app, Clubhouse is working on improving the searchability to better serve the users.

Pros and Cons of Clubhouse:

  • You can’t record without having the written authorization from all the speakers.
  • As it is like being live on the radio, you should be comfortable with public speaking. Be prepared to answer questions on the spot.
  • You only hear it once: if you get distracted, you miss it; if you want to listen to it again, you can’t.

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