A Guide To Content Planning For The Holiday Season

Gift wrapping, cinnamon buns and getting cozy to create a jumbo-sized wish list – is that how you picture this Holiday season? Or is it more like ‘OMG, I have so much content to create, emails to send, and brands to get back to!!’ 

If you are a content publisher in need of some superpowers to “survive and strive” during the upcoming Holiday season, this little guide is what you need.


I know, I know….we already told you that more than once.

But there’s no substitute for attentive repetition. Having a shining new editorial calendar prepped specifically for the Holiday season is a “must” if you want to…

  • Map out your content for a bigger impact
  • Publish consistently to anticipate the needs of your audience instead of scrambling to come up with some last minute ideas
  • Reclaim some free hours of your time to actually have a real holiday with your loved ones

So our first tip is this: plan early and plan hard. The number one reason for Holiday publishing chaos is a late start.

Create separate content publishing plans for your blog and your social media. Make sure that all posts are properly timed to avoid overlapping or inconsistency. Also, mind the competition with other publishers and brands: everyone will be putting their best deals forward and saturating users’ feeds with all sorts of info.

Here are some ideas to help you avoid publishing the same type of content everyone else does:

  • Run a quick readers’ survey on Instagram or via email and ask your followers what they want to see during the Holidays – you may be pleasantly surprised with ideas
  • Run a blog series
  • Build up anticipation with teasers and announcements for your major posts – content that raises curiosity yields more clicks and shares

Also, instead of pumping out new content at a super-sonic pace, take a look at your content from last year. What does your Google Analytics tell you? Do you have some posts that performed exceptionally well? Can you give them a second-life and re-publish them with some quick updates? That’s another shortcut to filling up your calendar with amazing content without spinning the wheels 24/7.


Most brands start planning out their Holiday campaigns 6 months in advance (in July, yikes!). If you have already secured some sponsorship deals, reach out to the brand to confirm all the creative details. The Holiday season will be just as busy for them too. The last thing they will want to do is approve your collateral sent one day before the publishing date!

By pre-scheduling all sponsored campaigns early on, you can also ensure that:

  • No #spon campaigns overlap. No one wants to rub elbows with their competitor on your feed.
  • You are not pushing too much advertising to your readers. They will complain. A lot. According to a recent survey by Bazaarvoice, 47% of social media users already feel bothered by repetitive advertising published by some influencers. And we are not even fully into Holiday season yet!   


Affiliate sales can be a massive revenue-driver for your blog – especially this time of year. The big question you should be asking is this: how can I capitalize on the shopping craze while creating posts that fit my brand and niche?

Surely, you don’t want to be overly promotional and link out to every Black Friday deal that gets on your radar (though the temptation may be high!). Over-saturating your content with affiliate and advertising links will overwhelm and alienate some of your readers. So stick to the plan and only promote goodies that your readers are truly interested in!

Also, be specific with what occasions you plan to cover – Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day,  New Years? Getting a good grip on all of them can be challenging, so just stick to a selected few!


Some goodie-goodies will sell out fast. You don’t want to deal with upset followers messaging you all throughout the Holidays about how they couldn’t get that amazing dress you were gushing about.

So even after you hit publish, be sure to re-check the availability of products you are promoting. Some may run out of stock fast, so make sure you have some “plan B” products lined up for replacement. They should be in a similar price range and style.


It’s the festive season after all. Don’t be an all-work-and-no-play Jill, fretting over her publishing schedule and missed opportunities.

Maintain a proper work/life balance and don’t forget to throw in some genuine moments of joy to your meticulously curated feed!


We look forward to seeing all of your amazing Holiday content! 

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