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9 Important Industry Updates To Know

Feeling short on time, but want to stay up to date on all the industry developments and the latest buzz?

We’ve got you covered. We have weeded out the fads from trends and rounded-up the essential happenings in the digital publishing universe. You ready?


According to a new survey from the ANA (Association of National Advertisers), 75% of US advertisers are already enlisting influencers for help and 43% of respondents plan to increase their marketing budgets in the next 12 months. Among those businesses who are still lagging behind, 27% said they plan to dip their toes in influencer marketing within the next 12 months.  

For sure, that’s fabulous news for digital publishers – more incredible brand work should come knocking on your door as a long as you keep up your game and follow the next industry cues:

Facebook (86%) and Instagram (84%) remain the top channels for influencer marketing according to the same ANA survey. What you should note is that due to a recent series of unpleasant events and impeding legislature changes in the EU (and likely other regions) Facebook will be rolling out new rules for influencer marketing campaigns. Check out Morra Aarons-Mele’s post on Forbes to understand the possible changes.

Instagram is following suit. At the beginning of April, the app limited access to their API. Some influencer marketing platforms were not happy as the change negatively impacted a lot of external tools e.g. brands could track fewer hashtags and sentiment-tracking API became unavailable. So if you’ve been using certain Instagram apps, heads up – their functionality may now become more limited! On the bright side, business accounts just received a bunch of new features.


The State of Influencer Marketing in Fashion, Luxury & Cosmetics report reveals that 45.8% of marketers named micro influencers (people with 10K-100K social media followers) as the most effective partners and 33.6% favor macro-influencers (101K-500K followers), with celebrity (1.5m+) partnerships preferred just by 11.3% of executives.

Most brands pay the most attention to the next metrics when selecting the right fit for new campaigns:

  • 44.9% evaluate the overall content quality across different platforms.
  • 31.8% keep a close eye on the engagement numbers.
  • 15.1% assessed the influencers’ personal expertise.
  • Only 8.2% said that the overall follower count was an important factor for them.

The lesson is clear – don’t chase after vanity numbers and work on building a loyal, active and burgeoning community around your brand. It’s always better to have an intimate rapport with a smaller audience, rather than broadcast your content to thousands of hardly interested peeps.

According to the same study, engagement rates remain the most significant KPI for 25.8% of brands to measure a campaign’s success; 18.7% give more attention to web/referral traffic increase and 18.2% track the number of generated sales.

If you want to learn more about the brand’s perspective on choosing and assessing the right influencers, skim through Shane Baker’s post “How eCommerce Brands are Tapping into Influencer Marketing for Huge Growth”.

Speaking of soliciting work…brands now have a better platform to connect with Instagram influencers. Welcome, Winston – an add-on software that allows brands to find influencers and automatically vet them for new campaigns. The new platform streamlines campaign management – you get picked based on your content/engagement stats; a contract is signed and generated based on the agreed terms; you use the software to show your posts before publishing; the brand approves your work and you get paid once the post is live. Bye-bye email back and forth and late payments!


You can now sell products straight through the lenses on Snapchat. Brands can now create custom filters and incorporate product placements to selfies or any other shared content. For influencers that stands for a whole new world of creative opportunities to brainstorm cool lenses and present them to your followers!

We may be entering the world of AI-driven fashion. Instead of girlfriends, AI may soon become your shopping bestie and worst style critic at the same time. Amazon has just announced test runs of a new gizmo – Echo Look. It will snap some pics and evaluate your outfit choices; tell you which colors suit you more and give a bunch of other fashion tips based on the data it has crunched about you and your peers.

Kyle Chayka shared her AI shopping experience on Racked and raised a few important questions about how our tastes are formed and how the digital revolution is reshaping fashion. Go read through her essay – it’s a long, deep read that can transform your views on fashion, as you know it.


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