8 Actionable Ways To Connect With Influencers In Your Niche

Have you ever noticed how some blogs seem to appear out of nowhere?

A few months ago you never heard the blog name, and now it’s all over your social media. How did that happen? Do these bloggers know the shortcut you don’t?

Not exactly.

They just know one simple secret – you need to spend as much time promoting your content as writing. And oftentimes even more.

The best way to do so is to start building relationships with other amazing bloggers in your niche. It’s simpler than you think! We have a step-by-step strategy to follow.


Curate Their Content on Social Media

Best way to make a good first impression? Start curating the influencer’s content on your social media.

By that, I don’t just mean posting the auto-generated Tweet or caption, but using social sharing as a further conversation icebreaker e.g. “@MyFavBlogger shared some amazing DIY remodeling tips today. Number 6 is my favorite! What do you think?”

If the platform allows longer captions, don’t be shy about sharing a little more praise and details on what you liked about their idea.


Respond to Questions on Social Media

A lot of bloggers often seek opinions and advice from their followers. Step in by offering some value in form of your opinion and make your name carve in their brains a bit deeper.


Join their Facebook Group

A lot of popular bloggers these days switched to private Facebook groups to interact with their community on a more personal level, plus help readers get to know each other. That’s another place where you can reach to the influencer directly, plus showcase your work to other group members.


Share your Comments!

Now, besides answering questions and adding valuable insights on social media, get into the comment section and show your wit there.  Blog comments not only get your name out there, but bring a couple more benefits for your blog.


Send out a Complimentary Email

A short and sweet copy should put you one step closer to establishing a meaningful collection.  

Here’s an example.

Subject line: Loving Blog Name

Hi Blogger Name,

Just wanted to send a quick encouragement email and thank you for all the content you share.

I particularly liked the recent Post Name. I actually used the tips you’ve talked of and gotten the Benefit.

Keep doing the same awesome work!


Your Name (Blog address).

Bonus tip: Join the influencer’s email list and see if they ask readers any specific questions (which is often the case) and send out a lovely email in reply.

Now, as your name is occupying a small part of the influencer’s brain, it’s time to get more pro-active with your outreach!


Interview Them!

Interviews work great for a few reasons:

  • They allow you to reach out to the influencer’s audience, as they are likely to share it on their social media. You leverage your credibility and authority among your readers as you are now seen as someone, who hangs out with “big names”. You bring value to your audience by sharing someone else’s experience on solving their problem X.

Choose your topic strategically and prepare curious questions. For instance,

  • How To Build a Massive Instagram Following: Interview with Instagram Influencer Name.
  • Influencer Name on Taking Better Outfit Pictures for Your Blog.

Ask for a Guest Post

The most popular bloggers rarely publish guest posts from people they don’t know. But you already have your name popping here and there.

Now, reach out with a few topic suggestions that are particularly relevant to their audience, along with a short outline of your post and why you are the right person to write it (e.g. your similar post on the same topic was featured by the Huffington Post, or went viral etc).


Create an Expert Roundup

If you already have established relationships with a couple of influencers, create a potential viral content bomb – an expert roundup post, where your interviewees will share one tip/submission.

For instance:

  • X Tips on Writing Better Content By Top Bloggers
  • X Best Makeup Products Recommended by Celebrity YouTube Vloggers.



Do you network with influencers in your niche? What are your strategies for building meaningful relationships?

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