7 Ways To Engage Your Readers Once They Have Signed Up To Your Email List

We’ve previously spoken on the blog about the importance of growing your email list, so now you’re clued up we want to talk to you about how you engage your readers once they are on that list. You thought the hard work was over right? We are just getting started!

Seeing that people have unsubscribed from your blog emails can be incredibly disheartening. Sometimes it’ll be a case of them no longer fitting within your target audience but from time to time you do need to ask yourself if you could have done more to keep them on your email list. Here are a few different ways to engage your email list and keep people subscribed.


Send segmented content

28% of email marketers say that segmenting their email list results in lower opt-out and unsubscribe rates. This is likely to be down to the fact that email subscribers are receiving content they’re actually interested in.

The more you segment your email content, the easier it’ll be for you to create targeted content that results in a better response. You can segment your email lists a number of ways such as by interest, location or even both. Include the option for subscribers to provide information about themselves in your sign up form, so you can send them relevant information from the start.


Create good subject lines

People’s inboxes are likely to be full of emails, so it’s going to make a good subject line to ensure that yours doesn’t get missed. Mentioning offers in the subject line or including the recipients’ names is a great way to increase your email opening rates.


Include Calls to Action

You also need to make sure your emails include a strong call to action. This should explain what you want readers to do i.e. visit your blog. The better your call to action is, the more traffic you will drive through to your blog.


Make your Emails Mobile Ready

It’s also important to make sure your emails are optimised for mobile viewing. In 2014, 66% of emails were opened on mobile devices and figures show that 30% of people will unsubscribe if an email does not render properly.


VIP content

There’s little point in people subscribing to your email list if you’re just going to send them content that they can find on your fashion blog or social media pages. In order to engage your email list, you need to create premium email subscriber only content as well.

Creating VIP content will make your subscribers feel special and give others an incentive to sign up. Try writing a special piece of content each week and make it clear that if people want access to it, they need to sign up to your email list. Make it seem like people will be missing out if they don’t and you’ll soon see an increase in your subscribers.


Create different subscriber options

How often do you send emails out to your subscribers? Whatever your email frequency, you need to make sure it fits in with the needs of your subscribers.

The best way to find out whether your subscribers prefer daily, weekly or monthly emails from you is to ask them. You can ask them to specify the frequency of your emails when they sign up and you can also include a link to email preferences at the bottom of each email so they can swap to a different subscriber option. Giving readers the chance to ‘opt down’ and receive fewer emails from you is likely to result in less opt outs (unsubscribing).


Reward high engagers

As well as re-engaging low engagers with exclusive content, incentives and different subscriber options, you also need to remember to reward your high engagers. Providing them with free tips, exclusive content and promotional codes (if you sell products / services) is a great way to show them that you value their loyalty.

Give email subscribers a good reason to stick around and they’re way more likely to do so!



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