6 Handy Hacks To Increase Your Time On Page

Spending hours on a new blog post that most people will skim through for two minutes is no fun. Besides, showing such data to potential sponsors doesn’t feel right either. After all, the average time on page tells how engaged your audience is.

If readers spend just a few seconds on long blog posts or an essential page such as “About Me”, something might be off. So, let’s investigate this together!

Go on through the next six hacks and see whether you have missed any steps earlier!


Fancy fonts can make your blog look flamboyant, but not in good sense. If your reader’s eye doesn’t know where to settle, they won’t spend too much effort on reading your copy and merely bounce off.

Don’t be that blogger and follow these simple design tips:

  • Opt for sans-serif fonts, as those are typically easier to read on different screen sizes.
  • Use the minimum font size of 16 px. On screen, it appears to be about the same size as 12-point text, mostly used in print magazines and in word processors.
  • Keep a line height between 130%-160% for optimal experience.
  • Limit the line width to 45-75 characters.
  • Leave enough white space on your blog as readers need somewhere to rest the eye.
  • Strategically use H2, H3 titles, and in-post formatting to create a more attractive layout.

Also, revise how your content is written and make sure that it aligns with these simple copywriting rules for the web:

Craft short paragraphs (3 short sentences or 1-2 long sentences).

  • Highlight key points in bold.
  • Use bullet points and subheadings to structure your content.
  • Eliminate weak/transitioning words that don’t carry any value.
  • When writing longer copy, make sure that you are reinforcing your main idea a couple of times within the copy.


You have just a few seconds to impress and entice a blog visitor to stick around. Tell me, what’s in your above the fold area? Is it enticing enough to encourage click-throughs and scrolling?

Cluttered sidebar, messy navigation, lack of categorization and search options alienates a good portion of your readership.

Our team has already addressed some of the most pressing blog design questions. Go check these posts for expert advice:


Check out how your mobile users are doing in Google Analytics. If the average time on page for them is much lower compared to desktop viewers, you will need to work on making your blog more mobile-friendly.


Users’ patience for slow blogs is barely non-existent. Each second in delay is equal to a couple of readers lost. Make sure that you have optimized your website loading time to the max.


For a moment, think how you browse Wikipedia. You land on one page and twenty minutes later end up 5 pages deeper than you started.

That’s how great internal linking works. It entices readers to discover more and more content on your blog by following the cues (links) you have left for them.

For the essential best practices, check out “The Art of Linking” guide from our team.


Let’s face it – nobody likes pushy large ads or intimidating pop-ups, demanding immediate action.

Sure, the pop-ups are important for growing your subscriber list, but there are better ways to collect those email addresses. For instance – by offering content upgrades.

For example, you have just written a post about packing a carry-on for a two-week vacation. Create a downloadable PDF checklist that you will give away for a reader’s subscription. That’s a content upgrade. You offer value in a non-intimidating manner in exchange for their email.

When it comes to ads, be very selective. Say no to advertisers demanding intrusive placements (e.g. above the fold); don’t sneak ads whenever the user least expects it and be open about your partnerships. Your readers will appreciate the honesty and stick around for longer.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this – I’m going to try all of those tips for font, spacing etc. It’s amazing how much there is to think about!

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