6 Gifting Trends For The Festive Season

On the lookout for gifting trends and ideas to feature on your blog? You’re in the right place. Pinterest has just shared some intriguing stats showing what will be high on people’s lists this season.

So take note and incorporate some of the following finds to your holiday content strategy!


Self-care has never been so high on the wish list. This category experienced a whopping 231% year over year growth. For the sporty in your life (or among your blog readers), consider lining up the next products:

  • Workout gear: stylish yoga pants, comfy tanks and a variety of other workout outfits are high on a lot of holiday wish lists.
  • Post-workout relaxation goodies: essential and massage oils, shower melts and aromatic playdough are the little things an active babe will appreciate after a long day of exercising.


Pinterest reports a 123% year over year growth in saved home décor gift ideas. Clearly, we all want to get extra cozy during the cool months and share the warmth with others! Hygge home staples are in the spotlight this year. Think terracotta and warm-toned basics like candle holders, copper kitchen crockery and delightful crochet blankets.


Bling-bling items are always on everyone’s minds during this magical time of the year. This year 37% more people consider gifting some jewelry to their loved ones.  Among the most desired adornments are dainty gold rings, pineapple pendants, leather bracelets, leafy earrings, and vintage emerald engagement rings (*swoon*).


Tangled cords are not nearly as fun as tangled Christmas lights – at least you don’t deal with the latter every day! This year, 34% more gift givers want to treat their close ones to something practical: cable organizers, functional backpacks, wearable, and personalized tech gizmos are among the most popular gift ideas in this category.


This one shouldn’t come as a surprise as children gifts are a massive line in everyone’s budget. So what are gift givers considering for the little munchkins? According to Pinterest, the most popular saves are:

  • Calm down glitter bottles
  • Stuffed animal hammocks
  • Eco-friendly games
  • Touch and feel color cards
  • Take-along lego sets

The Toys category has seen a 32% year over year growth, so if you have a family category on your blog, take note!


Foodies rejoice – edible and drinkable gifts are in higher demand this season. This year guests are planning out their hosting gifts early on. The dessert category has seen a 63% year over year growth, and drinks saves increased by 21% within the same period.

Don’t want to arrive empty-handed either? Well, the following gifts are a hit among the hosts this year: tea party food, infused syrups, mimosa fixings, keto mug cakes, and sangria mocktails. If you are planning to run some festive recipes on your blog – mind those trends as well!


Experiential gifting remains in vogue. The good old “gifts baskets”, however, have just gotten a bit more elaborate – 257% more people search and save “movie night gift basket DIY” ideas.

The best part is that the gift basket idea can be easily combined with the previous trends – think a hosting basket full of apéro goodies for the swapped Christmas host in desperate need for some bubbles!  

And if you need to up your blogging game before the Holidays, be sure to check our insider guide to Pinterest next. 

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