6 Email & Social Templates Every Lifestyle Publisher Should Have

Inbox zero—is this a myth for lifestyle publishers? With all the incoming communication from partners, fans and other publishers, it’s incredibly hard to stay on top of all things email. Unless you spend your entire day answering those messages (which you shouldn’t!). Especially, when you can largely automate your email process without giving it all of your time and attention.

In our email productivity hacks post, we advised you to make auto-responders your BFFs. They can save you tons of time and help you weed out the non-essential queries and highly general inquiries. What’s more, you can also use templates to answer the same questions on social media.

Below are the top six email and social media response templates every lifestyle publisher needs!

1. The Brand Collaboration Response Template

Onboarding new sponsors and ironing out the collaboration details can eat up hours of productive time. After all, before jumping on the opportunity you’ll want to do some research on the brand to ensure they are the perfect match for your audience. However, taking over 48 hours to get back to the potential sponsor is a bad idea.  

To balance things out, create a friendly placeholder that buys you some time to update your media kit and do some Googling about the companies approaching you. Jot down a quick email template acknowledging your potential interest:

“Hi [Name],

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m pumped to know that you are considering me for this opportunity!

I will get back to you with my media kit + questions about your project within 24-48 hours.

In the meantime, you can review my past collaborations with Brands X, Y, Z:

[Post Link] – some stat about the campaign

[Post Link] – some stat about the campaign

Look forward to speaking with you.



2.  The Technical Issues Template

Planning a website redesign? Migrating to a new hosting provider? Your website will be down for a while, meaning that some readers may be frustrated with limited/restricted access to your content.

To control the flood of incoming queries, create and dispatch a quick email template notifying your fans about scheduled maintenance.

3. Reported Bug Template

On a similar note, also create an email template thanking people who reach out to you about a potential website problem e.g. broken links leading to 404 pages.

Write a quick thank you note that also requests additional details for your dev team to make timely fixes.

“Hey [Name],

Thanks for much for reporting this issue to me! You’re awesome!

I’ve already got in touch with my tech team to make fixes. If you don’t mind, can you please further describe the problem you’ve experienced?

Screenshots are super welcome too!

Thank you so much,


4.  The Polite “No, Thanks” Template For Declining an Opportunity

Not every #spon inquiry landing in your inbox will turn into a winning collab for you and the brand. But if the proposed opportunity doesn’t sound that exciting, it does not mean that you should respond with absolute silence.

Create a quick template acknowledging that you have carefully studied the partnership offer, but have to decline for reasons X, Y, Z. Keep it short, sweet and polite! And perhaps, refer your blogging BFF who may be more interested in this pitch.

5.  The Fan Mail Template

Regularly conversing with your fans on social media and via email is important to keep your engagement high and build a loyal audience. But let’s be honest, sometimes you just don’t feel chatty or in the mood to answer the same question over and over again.

That’s exactly why you need to have quick templates both for fan emails and DMs on social media. Create a list of frequently asked questions and work out a set of auto-responders around them!

Pro Tip: If relevant, link out to your subscribe page/box from a template, inviting the reader/follower to sign up for your newsletter where you consistently answer similar questions 🙂

6.  The “How Did You Start Blogging?” Template

This question is so popular that it deserves a separate responder. Yes, it’s hard to distil your path from a beginner to the pro in one DM or one email. So within your template, just include a quick primer of your story and link out to a respective post on your blog (if you have one). Or refer the reader to a detailed post published by another blogger you admire!

So here they are—six fabulous email and social media templates to give you greater peace of mind when it comes to answering emails fast!

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