5 ways to make passive income from your fashion blog

Are you looking for a way to make passive income from your fashion blog? Check out our five ideas below for inspiration.

1. Sell advertising space

If your blog gets a decent amount of page views every month and has a good following, you may want to consider selling advertising spaces to other bloggers and brands. Charge a monthly fee for an advertising space on your sidebar or between your blog posts. You could also have add-ons for your advertising packages, where people pay more to be featured in your blog posts or social media tweets.

Keep things ethical by informing your readers when you are promoting a blogger or brand that has paid you to do so.

2. Sign up to Google Adsense

Speaking of advertising on your blog, you may also want to consider signing up to Google Adsense. This is an advertising platform that is used by thousands of brands across the world. One of the great things about Google Adsense is that you don’t have to worry about the quality of ads. They tend to be retargeting ads that feature products or services that users have previously shown interest in. This advertising method gives you a higher chance of getting clicks, which ultimately leads to you earning more money from your fashion blog.

3. Feature sponsored content

If you’ve built up a good following on your fashion blog, then you may start getting brands wanting to collaborate with you. Some brands may send you clothing or accessories so you can feature and review them on your blog, whereas others may pay you to produce sponsored content. This is where you write a post on an agreed topic and usually mention or feature a link to their website.

Just make sure that if you are featuring sponsored content that you mark it as such. Full disclosure is the ethical way to blog. It’s also important not to use do-follow links in your sponsored post, as this can get your fashion blog penalised by Google.

4. Join an affiliate programme

If you regularly share outfit posts or wish list style posts on your blog, where you link to the products featured, you may want to consider joining an affiliate programme. Instead of featuring standard links, you will feature links that can be tracked, so if someone buys a product as a result of reading your blog post, you will receive commission from the sale.

Today many affiliate programmes also allow you to promote products on your social media pages, so you can earn money that way too.

The bigger your following and the more influence you have over readers, the more likely you are to make a good amount of passive income from affiliate programmes.

5. Create a fashion-based app

Another way you can make passive income from your fashion blog is to create an app to go alongside it that users pay to download. Of course, you will need to make it worth their money, so it’s got to offer something that your blog doesn’t. This could be something as simple as extra content (on a daily basis) or a practical tool they can use e.g. an outfit planning or shopping app.

You don’t need to be a tech whiz to do this. Just make sure you find good developers to work with!

Making money shouldn’t be your sole reason for blogging but it’s a great bonus for doing something you love! Once you’ve established your blog, utilise some of these ideas and you’ll soon begin earning a little extra cash from your online space.


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