5 Valentine’s Day Content Ideas Your Blog Visitors Will Love

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so we’ve put together our five tried and tested content ideas to get you and your blog ready for the season of love. Fill your editorial calendar with great content ideas in advance, using our quick five-step guide…

Gift Guides

Gift guides are classy. At least some of your readers will struggle to find a thoughtful gift for that special person in their life. And they will thank you for curating some great products and reducing the pressure of making that buying decision. This is also your chance to line up some new creative brand partnerships or work with bloggers in or outside of your niche.

Also, don’t focus strictly on the standard “best gifts for Him/Her” type of content. Pinterest data suggests that more and more people are searching for Valentine gift ideas for their baes, work wives/husbands and even pets. The “coworker valentines day gifts” category of saved ideas has witnessed a 4100% year-over-growth on the platform. Get even more insights about trending gift searches from this previous post.

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Food, drinks, and parties will be a major part of Valentine’s Day celebrations for anyone who’s into the holiday. Some of your readers will definitely look for romantic dinner recipe ideas. Others will research sexy cocktail recipes to brighten up their Galentine’s Day party. Again, there’s a lot of room to be creative with your content.

Date Ideas

Planning that special date is never easy. Some things will always end up going Bridget Jones style. So if you know how to throw an amazing date night (or have researched some creative ideas in advance), do share them with your readers.

This can be a great on-the-moment piece of content to ramp up your traffic numbers in February. Just make sure that you publish it on time. Google suggests that people start researching for “date ideas” as early as the beginning of January and are pretty much done with it by Feb, 18th.

P.S. If you have published a similar post last year, give it a quick update and re-publish it for the dates.

Round-up Love-Themed Posts

Planning the perfect date and scoring a good gift can be hectic at times and sometimes the point of the holiday can be forgotten—celebrating love in every form. So help your readers (and yourself) get into the right mood!

Go beyond curating the standard things like “best love quotes” or “best movies to watch”, and pile up a more creative, on-brand list that will ooze warmth.

Think something like:

  • X amazing ways to say “I love you” to your body (self-care)
  • X books about love (that are not cheesy romance novels)
  • X strong and successful creative unions I admire

and so on!

Style Tutorials

Delight your readers with quick beauty and outfit tutorials that can save them from that stress of figuring out what to do in the very last moment.

Our CD Babe Jenny, of Margo & Me, shared a great outfit advice post for those who hate wearing red on the day. And CD Babe Pam, of Girl from Panama, shared a detailed beauty routine post that will not only help you get fabulous for the night but also receive a hefty dose of self-care!

So now you have a bunch of content ideas to run on Valentine’s day. Pick and choose at least one option. Who knows, maybe this year’s Valentine’s themed blog post will make your readers love you even more! 


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