5 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Game In 2020

Investing time into growing your list should be a top priority on your blogging strategy. Your subscribers are a valuable asset to your business: as they are return users to your site, are likely to be the most engaged audience across your platforms and are directly in response to communications of which you control the timing and tone! Below are a few tips to help you improve both your subscriptions and email engagement to get your email marketing game in motion!

1. Personalised messages

Keep it personal! Writing a unique subject line significantly increases the open rate. In fact, personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened!

2. Be on-brand

Keep it on brand! Remember this is your most engagement audience, therefore it’s imperative that you align your messaging to your authentic brand identity! So make sure to align designs, values and content from the channels you are on.

3. Use emojis in your subject line

Keep it fun! The word “newsletter” in your email subject lines decreases the click-through rate by 30%. Instead, start to use emojis… Emojis instantly make your subject lines casual, relatable, friendly, and enticing. Brands that use emojis have seen a 56% increase in their unique open rates.

4. Interactivity

Keep it engaging. Any opportunity to inspire action, both physical and mental, is important! This builds engagement behaviours that you can rely on down the line! Why not grab you subscriber attention with animation? Directly ask them to interact with your content beyond the traditional READ MORE. For example: forward to a friend, reply back, leave a comment…

5. Add a Pop-up form to your website

Keep catching the users! According to Crazyegg, popups drive 1375% more subscribers.

If social media, like Instagram, is the main traffic source for you take advantage of it by creating a specific and bespoke subscription form from IG followers landing on your website. Try to model what the typical person’s journey would be when they approach your site from different channels and create subscription pathways according to each channel type.


Roll up your sleeves and let’s start implementing these tactics to improve your email marketing strategy.

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