5 Time Management Tips

When you’re the owner of your own business there’s never enough hours in the day to do everything you have in mind! Juggling between business meetings, content creation, photoshoots, and all the other creative and non-creative blogging tasks, can be very overwhelming and stressful. So for this reason we’ve come up with 5 time management techniques you should follow if you want to beat the clock and be as productive as possible!

Group Like Tasks

Managing several tasks all at the same time is a great skills, however the first thing you should focus on is to group like tasks and carry them out without procrastinating nor postponing. For example, if you’re sourcing images for a blog post don’t just choose your selection and move on to another task. Instead, once you’ve made up your mind on the images you want to go live, edit them, resize them and optimize them. This way once you’re happy with your blog post you can go ahead and publish it straight away!

Rework Your Old Content

Here at CD we like to stress out this point: reworking older posts is a winning strategy! It’s great for SEO, it can help you grow your traffic and, most importantly, it can save you time and allow you to work on other tasks! Check out this blog post to find out all the great results repurposing your content can lead to.

Dreaded Tasks First

You know what they say, take the bull by the horns! It might not be the most enjoyable part for the day but if there’s a dreaded task that you keep postponing, it’s time to act on it! Instead of having it in the back of your mind while doing something else, be brave and take it out of the way! You’ll feel more relaxed and ready to deal with everything else left to be done without that horrible feeling of constant anxiety.

Know Yourself

The early bird catches the worm but that can’t be said for everyone. There are people that give their 100% during the early hours of the morning and others who work best at night, for example. Therefore it’s important to know yourself deeply and know the time when you’re the most productive. This doesn’t mean that you should only be working during a specific set of hours but instead to plan your working day in favour to your natural work tendencies and preferences. If there’s a big task that requires your complete attention, carry it out during the hours when you know your concentration reaches its climax and use the rest of the day to finish other smaller duties.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

For a style publisher, scheduling is almost as important as breathing! First things first, lay out your editorial calendar and plan all the content you want to produce. Once you’ve set up your editorial calendar, you should also plan your social media posts. This way while you’re out for a photoshoot you won’t have to worry about posting on your Instagram feed! Your editorial and social calendar go hand in hand: once you’re done writing the blog post you scheduled, don’t forget to write and schedule the related tweets or IG promotional pic: this goes back to our first tip about grouping like tasks!


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