5 Pre-Christmas Content Tips for Influencers

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are over…we’re past the first week of December..and the Holiday season is in full swing. What do you do? As a majority of shoppers have either already begun if not completed their gift purchasing, it’s hard to understand what to consider in the immediate gear up to Christmas. It’s also easy to forgo this strange period entirely as blink and you miss it, Christmas Eve will come a-knockin. Do we let the time pass by? Or do we plan for action to push for more…we suggest the latter. When executing content promotion in this period, it’s worth it to act wisely in regards to where, when and what you spend your time on.

Let us help you out with our top 5 tips to get you to Christmas.


Define your audience’s purchasing windows. As mentioned above your audience may have likely already planned out their gift purchasing this year. Even going into sale periods, the average consumer placed more importance on planning what to purchase in the sale beforehand. Does that mean that purchases aren’t being made right now? No, they still are – but it’s a smart move to visualise what kind of things your audience will purchase in finer detail. The likelihood is that they are considering self-nurturing, home improving, need-driven, or food-based purchases in the 2 weeks before Christmas – or even gifting accessories, like wrapping! Most importantly, we’re talking affordable here. So steer clear from the ostentatious and move to the little and often with an emphasis on the useful.


Pick the right channels to promote content right now – for example, our consultants are finding a big uptake in IG Stories driven conversions. Make the experience frictionless by suggestions products directly with your swipe ups in real-time. If there’s an associated blog content then share this in a swipe up after suggesting your products. By doing this the products you suggest act as a commercial expert to the article/landing page you’re trying to promote. Check your analytics regularly to finetune your timing also.


Focus on the activities your audience will need help with. Tap into Pinterest Trends if in doubt or survey your audience on what they’re thinking about in regards to Christmas. Analyse the content that is doing well on your site and check your search terms from your search bar. Get into the headspace of what value add content will be useful to promote right now, and curate the best links from your site on an ongoing basis as a guide to dealing with advent challenges. Your content doesn’t always have to be new!


Don’t forget external content too! When focusing on curation rather than creation, the external content is a must to ensure that you’re not over self-promoting. Curating the right external content from trusted producers and your influencer circle is valuable for readers who right now need easy access to useful information. Furthermore, everyone can do with some community-driven growth and exposure!


Last but not least – plan to take some time out. Unless you have a specific reason to be pushing content out during the Christmas period – take some downtime. Prepare in advance, schedule what you need to and keep that time for yourself. This is a golden opportunity to take advantage of the general slow down and reset! If you plan now, then you can reap the benefits with a warm cup of cocoa (or a glass of wine…noone’s judging).

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