5 Photography Tips For Bloggers

Images play a key role when creating new content. They’re visually eye-catching and they speak directly to the readers in a way that not often words can. For this reason you need to make sure your photography game is absolutely on-point! And since not everyone hires a professional photographer, to help you in this we’ve rounded up 5 top tips you might want to make sure to follow next time you’re out for a shoot:

Your Mind Is Your Own Camera

First things first, think about how you want your pictures to be. Whilst there’s always room for improvisation, it’s crucial to have in mind the type of photo or photoshoot you’re after and what platform you want to share it on. Having this in mind will also help you decide whether you want a vertically or horizontally taken pic! For example, you might need a vertically pic for your Pinterest but your Instagram feed is also screaming for an horizontally one. Figure this out and make sure to note down everything so you won’t forget it.

Location And Backdrops

We’ve already highlighted this in our previous blog post, but it’s always good to remind the importance of what’s behind the main subject of the photo. Never underestimate the power of a location: it tells a story and entertains your readers while also revealing traits of your personality! It also shows that you pay attention to details and that says a lot about you and your blog as a brand.


Once you’ve framed the picture in your mind and chosen the perfect backdrop, it’s absolutely crucial to have good lighting. You want to think bright but not too bright, you want to be near to a natural source of light but not in the middle of a midday sun. Take your camera out for a walk and play a bit with its settings. Despite Photoshop making wonders, it won’t save a burnt or excessively under-exposed pic!

Spice It Up With Movement

This is not a rule of thumb and depends on everybody’s personal tastes and shooting style however, using movement in outfit photos might add to them that natural touch that something might be missing. And if you’re not 100% comfortable in front of the camera, a bit of walking, jumping and shaking might be you need to let go! In the end what matters the most is that the photos look natural rather than staged so that all of your readers can relate to them.

Crop And Edit

Once you’ve wrapped up your camera and lights, it’s time for some post-production. The number one rule is that less is better meaning that you should never run the risk of over-editing your pics. Sometimes even cropping out some elements might do the magic that your after and help you make the subject of the photo stand out -whether a person or a still object. Photoshop should be everybody’s best friend but remember that the ultimate goal is, once again, to make your pics as natural looking as possible. And remember that bright, sharp photos tend to grab one’s eyes faster!


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