5 Inspiring Blogging Power Couples To Follow On Instagram This Month

Balancing work and relationships is hard enough. Running a blogging business with all its ups and downs as a united front takes even more guts. In the spirit of Valentine’s day, we wanted to share some love from our amazing CD Power Couples who manage to run a blogging business together.

So here are our favorite power couples, where he respects her hustle and she supports him to be the best version of himself.

1. Robert & Christina


Robert and Christina have been rocking together as a married couple since 2013 (though these beloved darlings met waaaay before that!). And as a creative duo, they have been on our radar since 2014.  For nearly half of a decade, we’ve been really amazed by their unique taste and home design skills. Just look at their envy-worthy home office setup!

But having a great work den isn’t their only secret to being productive. In one interview, they mentioned that finding balance is key to success as couple-preneurs.

“ Having balance in your personal life and work life is a struggle, but if you can find something that works, stick with it. A balance of work tasks is so important too. Knowing what you’re not good at is just as crucial as knowing what you are. Divide up projects between each other in a way that allows you to carry out your end of the tasks before handing it over to be finished”

– Robert & Christina Martinez

2. Selena & Jacob


Selena and Jacob are our endless source of travel inspo. For the past few years, they have roamed the world and journaled their amazing experiences on their blog and Instagram.

Yet, behind those dreamy shots from exotic locations stands a lot of joint work and dedication. We particularly admire these guys’ collaboration skills!

“We learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses by working together (if you’ve read some of our Instagram posts, for example, you know Jacob is colorblind — he shoots, I edit)”.

-Selena & James Find Us Lost

So if you want to add some heartwarming and inspiring couple stories to your feed (and incredible travel shots), do follow this amazing twosome!

3. Sazan & Stevie  

@sazan & @stevie_hendrix

This family is one of the most productive folks we know. Sazan manages to run a blog, a YouTube channel, a monthly subscription beauty box business, co-host a podcast, raise a wonderful baby girl and regularly delight us with her shots and stories on Instagram. Stevie has been not just her partner in life, but an integral part of her success as a business owner and content creator, supporting and helping her deal with all that jazz of being a blogpreneur.

“When the going gets tough, he reminds me that things don’t have to be perfect. Not everything is an “Instagram moment.” Turn the phone off and be present for the real-life moments”.

-Sazan Hendrix

4. Anna & Gabe  


One kid + one blog business is tough. Four kids + one loving and supporting husband = an endless source of inspiration for all of us believing that a successful career can co-exist with a large family.

Follow @inhonorofdesign if you want to see more delightful, funny and creative shots from the day-to-day of this design-driven family. Anna and Gabe are true masters of creating homely and cozy interiors. And they recently launched a brand new shop, selling some of their signature designs – @shopihod!

“Gabe now does the home design projects we blog about, is working on a side project, schools the kids three days a week, often makes dinner, and still does much of the photography behind this blog as he did from day one. He is basically the glue that holds the ship together. So when people ask how I do it all, I just point to Gabe”.

-Anna Liesemeyer

5. Naomi & Josh

@taza & @tiesandfries

And here’s another confirmation that everything is possible with the right partner in life. Naomi and Josh – the parents of 5 adorable munchkins – have been blogging about their family adventures in NYC since summer 2007.

Naomi’s insta feed is an endless source of joy, gratitude and colorful accounts of being a parent in the Big Apple. Follow Josh if you want an extra behind the scenes look into this fabulous couple’s life.

“ Josh is the kind of guy that gives 110% to his work projects and then comes home and gives 110% to his family life. it’s one of his best qualities, his dedication and devotion to the task at hand. he also has helped me a great deal with Love Taza and all the work that goes into this blog over the years.”

-Naomi Davis

Whether you run your blog together with a loved one, or just ask them to be your Insta husband and put up with you during a hiatus, don’t forget to thank them for being there with & for you!

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