5 Growth Strategies For Your Blog

Growth strategies are essential for reaching new milestones and consistently stepping up your game. Here at CD we’re constantly thinking of ways to promote your business and make it gain the success you are so working hard for, so below we have outlined some strategy ideas to help give your blog the ultimate boost it might need!


It is no secret that mobile access is commonplace among readers; therefore a strong mobile strategy is needed. Ensure all your content is mobile-friendly, as a mobile friendly web page will drive click-through. For example, make sure to create flexible multimedia and to use upload services capable of adapting to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It’s also important to produce more visual content and keep your paragraph and headlines short; mobile readers are more engaged by images and have a shorter attention span so it’s important to grab their attention as quickly as possible!


You might have already built some strong relationships with fellow bloggers (which is great!), however sharing their content or sending a few emails every now and then is not a real strategy. Developing strong relationships takes time as it is a gradual process, but it is something worth thinking strategically about. Be selective and identify the bloggers you want to reach out to (search them on Google, social media, etc.). Once you get in touch, show them that you can be genuinely helpful and once an element of trust is established ask them for help. They can provide advice on your content, share it with their community, or link back to it.


Email lists are a great tool to bring a steady stream of traffic to your blog. Choose your email marketing tool based on features, pricing and support offered. If you are a little bit confused about it, choose a recommendation engine like Web App Meister that compares different apps with each other.


There are tons of plugins available on WordPress so it is essential to choose carefully which ones are the most useful for your blog.  For example, as you should probably know by now, your site’s speed affects SEO. You might want to fix that once and for all and speed up your WordPress using a plugin like W3 Total Cache. Another useful plugin is WP-Optimize, which allows you to optimize your database (spam, post revisions, drafts, tables, etc.) to reduce their overhead.


Finally, to help your blog grow you have to make sure you stay true to why your readers started following you in the very first place. Transparency and integrity will make your audience feel connected and will increase the number of new as well as returning visitors.

Back to you! Are you a chloédigital publisher? Get in touch with your Support Specialist today to lay out a growth strategy for your blog!   

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