4 ways to use your network to build your fashion blog

Today there is certainly no shortage of fantastic fashion blogs to read. It feels like everyone is a fashion blogger or at least knows someone who is! But whilst a little competition is healthy, the sheer number of fashion bloggers out there makes it a little difficult to stand out from the crowd. Creating unique content is one way to do it but another is to utilise your network to build your fashion blog’s online presence.

1. Utilise social media

When we say the word ‘network’ we bet the first thing that springs into your mind is social media. And yes, social media is one of the best ways to build and promote your fashion blog.

Today there are so many different social media sites you can use, from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. But it’s important to remember that whilst it’s good to utilise all of them, it’s not enough to simply have a profile.

In order to really generate value for your fashion blog from you social media networks, you need to maintain an active presence. This goes beyond simply filling in your bio and uploading a profile picture, to actually sharing your posts and other meaningful content for your followers to read and enjoy.

2. Become a go-to source for fashion info

Whilst you can (and should) use your social media networks to promote your latest posts, it’s important to share other relevant content too. You don’t want your social media pages to look like you’re just advertising your blog or your followers will quickly lose interest. Make your social networks a hub of information for fashion-lovers by sharing interesting content from other sources. You never know – by sharing other people’s posts, you may end up getting your posts shared by them too. If you catch the attention of a bigger fashion blogger or larger publication, this could increase your fashion blog following significantly.

3. Engage with your followers

In addition to promoting your posts (to drive traffic to your fashion blog) and sharing other relevant fashion content, it’s important to engage with the people that make up your social media network. The more interest you take in them, the more attention they’ll give both you and your fashion blog.

Blog readers like a fashion blogger that takes the time to reply to them or asks them what content they’d like to see on their blog next. Involving your social media followers in your blog will make them more invested in it, which will in turn make them more likely to share your posts with others and help to widen your audience.


5. Take it offline

Whilst people tend to associate their ‘network’ with their online followers, it’s important to remember that you have an offline network you can engage with too i.e. your friends, family and work colleagues. Don’t be afraid to share your fashion blog with them. Even if it’s not to their taste, they’ll still be likely to share it with others, because that’s what friends and family do!

Every time you go to an event, make sure you arm yourself with business cards featuring your blog URL. If you get chatting to people, drop your blog into the conversation (where appropriate) and give them a business card. It’s a great way to engage new followers and help to build your fashion blog’s online presence.


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