4 Tips To Turn Followers Into Subscribers

Once you have loyal followers in social media, it is time to take that relationship to the next level by getting the key for their inbox.

We all remember when Instagram and Facebook were reporting problems of connectivity. In situations like this (or when the algorithm changes), how can you tell your loyal audience about your new post? Email is the answer and if you haven’t started building your database you shouldn’t wait any longer.

The biggest question here is how to turn social media followers into subscribers? How to convince them to give their email and get your emails in their inboxes?

4 Tips To Turn Followers Into Subscribers

  1. Create exclusive content – Provide them exclusive content that makes them feel there are missing out the news if they don’t sign up to your newsletter
  2. Give Recipients Something for Free – An incentive is a great way to capture their attention. What can you do for them? Could be for example a giveaway or even a free downloadable.
  3. Make it easier – Create a pop-up, add a subscription box to your website or create a specific landing page that will make easier for your social media visitors to follow the news.
  4. Sneak Peek – Show your current campaigns to tease them to join your database. If they don’t know what they are missing out, it will be harder for them to feel encouraged to give you their email.


Do you need help creating your campaigns? Knowing how important it is to keep your newsletter on-brand, we have different options available for your email marketing campaigns  fully reflect your voice and mission.

For more insights into newsletters, we have a full list of articles to help you with your email marketing journey.

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