4 Productivity Tips for #BossBabes Working From Home

Working from the coziness of your home cannot be compared to daily commutes to the office. Yet we all know that this “coziness” often costs you your productivity. After all, how can you resist the allure of working from your bed?

It’s ok to be sluggish some days and take things slow, but whenever you need to dial up your productivity on command, try these quick tips!  


Staying all day in your cozy PJs can be so tempting! But…it’s completely unproductive.  

Back in 2011, researchers from the Kellogg School of Management proved that your work attire directly influences your mood and behavior as your work clothes carry symbolic meaning. For instance, people wearing a white lab coat (often associated with attentiveness and care) made fewer mistakes during a series of tests.

Elizabeth Gilbert admits having come to a similar conclusion when it comes to finding inspiration. In her book, “Big Magic”, she shares that whenever she feels sluggish or useless, she tries to show creativity, reminding herself that “you are somebody worth spending time with”. She takes a shower, gets dressed, puts on some lipstick and even puts on some perfume as if going on a date.

In Gilbert’s words, it’s the “Dress for the novel you want to write” routine. So how about starting your own “Dress for the blogging business of your dreams” routine? Give it a try and share the results with us!


Gilbert’s “inspiration date” routine also includes cleaning up and organizing her workplace. For centuries, a messy desk used to be a creative’s excuse for being creative.

But did you know that desk mess actually sabotages your productivity and creativity?

According to a new survey from Journal of Consumer Research, folks working at a cluttered workspace are way less efficient, more frustrated and act less persistent when facing a challenging situation. Specifically, this overwhelming mess can stand for a person’s inability to control their own environment and hence, act proactively.

So, organize that desk, will you? Give all items a place, get rid of the clutter you don’t need and hide the non-essentials in a drawer or on the shelves.

Next, brighten up your workplace with a couple of cool inspirational posters!


Working from home often stands for additional distractions – those muffins in the cupboard or cooking dinner in between tasks.

You look at the clock and it’s already late, while your daily to-do list is half done. Previously, we shared some essential time management tips for bloggers and here are some more ways to help you organize your time:

Work in sprints. The Pomodoro Technique suggests that you should productively work for 25 minutes at a time, and then take a 5-10 minute break. After three hours of work, reward yourself with a longer break.

Automate the routines. IFTTT and Zapier are two great tools that will eliminate some routine actions. You can use “recipes” or “zaps” to tie together different apps and services so that they will automatically do the required thing. For instance:  

  • Pin new Instagram photos to Pinterest.
  • Create a new task in Todoist when you receive a high priority email.
  • Save all Gmail attachments to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Automatically back up your new iOS photos to Google Drive


Working at home doesn’t mean that you should turn into a stylish hermit. Whenever tiredness rolls in, go for a quick walk around your neighborhood or grab your laptop and leisurely stroll to your favorite coffee shop.

Apart from getting some mild exercising, walking also:


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