3 Tips For New Year Sales Email Campaigns (That Won’t Annoy Your Readers)

It’s that time of the year again…when your inbox gets flooded with all sorts of dazzling promos, not-to-miss discounts, and all that marketing jazz.

Surely as a blogger, browsing those can be handy to get a better sense of what’s trending and line up some nice discounts for your readers. But as a shopper yourself, you may be feeling a tad bit overwhelmed with the informational overflow.

And you are not alone. The Holiday season is humongous for brands, especially considering that your average consumer plans to spend $1,250 at this time of year on sales, travel, and entertainment.

So how do you keep your readers’ engaged when it comes to Boxing Day and New Year sales?  We have some email tips lined up to help you…

Run a readers’ survey before mapping out your content

It’s one of the simplest, yet most effective things you can do – ask directly what kind of content your audience wants to receive from you, and how often do they want to be kept in the loop.

Sure, not every subscriber on your list (or on social media) will rush to fill in that questionnaire, but collecting at least a dozen replies should give you a good sense of direction for your New Year sales content. And this is also where you can utilize Instagram’s ‘Ask Me A Question’ and ‘Poll’ features for quick responses.

Offer a way to opt out

You could also ask people to opt out of receiving your New Year email updates. Again, this is a foolproof method to avoid alienating some of your readers!

Send a quick email explaining what kind of emails you are planning to send out at the end of this month e.g. Boxing day discounts, New Year discounts etc. and offer subscribers an option to “mute” you up till you get back to your standard scope of topics.

Keep an eye on your analytics

If you don’t want to slice your email list, then you’ll have to watch your numbers closely at all times. Jot down your average email open rate and click-through-rate for non-holiday months first. Then check back to how your emails performed last year during the Holidays. The numbers may be slower, but don’t panic. A lot of us experience that due to the increased competition for users’ attention.

Now, you should have a good sense of how your email campaigns usually perform. Start experimenting a bit – increase your send frequency and closely monitor the results after each dispatch. If your numbers consequently dip, you’d probably need to tame your enthusiasm a bit and revisit tip 1 and 2.


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