3 Things We Learnt This Week

For the first time in influencers history, we are dealing with a global crisis. We don’t have any case study from the past to give us lessons but we have the knowledge to observe and analyse to understand what you could do as a content creator.

With the situation changing so rapidly, we are seeing tactics that worked in the past needing to be updated and trends we saw before getting changed from day tonight. In the series “3 Things We Learned Last Week”, the CD team wants to bring you the latest information with action steps for you to take.

May, 29th

IGTV has launched in video advertising….

What to do? 

  1. Get on IGTV!
  2. If you’re already on it, ensure that you are regularly posting and have a series of content that has a clear narrative. Assess your analytics regularly to gage the best engagement points in order to refine timing and format. And most importantly, ensure that the content works in synergy with your other channels and your blog.

Tik Tok’s video commenting feature is a game-changer in Brand to Influencer to Consumer content creation….

What to do? 

  1. Find your high-affinity or hit-list brands that are active on Tik Tok and push engagement and awareness of your account by commenting with a video.
  2. If you’re already working with a brand, think about creating Tik Tok content that generates further UGC (via challenges etc) to drive further EMV and increase engagement on sponsored content. 

Your biggest asset as an influencer is your understanding of your audience’s lifestyle…but how much has that lifestyle changed? We have already seen the sustained effects of conscious consumerism during and now post Lockdown…it’s wise to prepare for long term shifts in consumption.

What to do? 

  1. Recalibrate who your audience personas are! Ask your audience questions, conduct a survey, run polls to better understand the new lifestyle segmentation of your reader/follower. This is not just financial or geography, but mindset and habits too.
  2. Keep on top of your industry and regional consumer trends using blogs from Mintel to better prepare your product positioning in the future.

May, 22nd

Together with video, infographics are having a huge moment. The shareability factor of infographics further adds to their high-performance potential.

What to do? 

  1. Look for opportunities within your content to create an infographic. Step-by-step guides, lists and expert roundups are a great starting point.
  2. Use a tool, like Visme, to efficiently create infographics – share it with the world. 

Social Media platforms are launching new features every day making it harder to keep up with all the “newness”. So where should you pay attention? This week, we suggest focusing on IG and Pinterest…

What to do? 

  1. Check out IG’s new guides: Supporting Well-being with Guides on Instagram 
  2. Check out Pinterest’s latest launch: shopping spotlights with influencers and publishers

Luxury brands are seeing highs in revenue in YOY comparisons.

What can you do?

  1. If you’re a luxury influencer, luxury brands will be looking to increase their digital spend. It’s definitely worth working on brand value alignment and visuals that speak to your top tier brands, to entice them to approach you
  2. Don’t overly water down your product suggestions in the purpose to reach a wider audience, instead focus on how your audience may have evolved their narrative and recalibrate your messaging around luxe products instead

May, 15th

Google had a core update. Now what?

What can you do?

  1. Many are seeing traffic fluctuations since the change regardless of how high their domain authority. Check your page rankings using an SEO tool to see if it has increased. Check your analytics for Organic Search Acquisition and check if too, it has increased suddenly.
  2. If you have seen a mild downturn, don’t worry! Look for opportunities to skyscraper your best performing content and update these regularly alongside publishing new content. Analyse your thin articles and assess their worth, finding areas to add more meat to them. Lastly, fix any UX and SEO errors you may have on your site! For more tips read Neil Patel’s article.

Email continues to dominate on Mondays, for the umpteenth week since lockdown began.

What can you do?

  1. If you haven’t done so already test out an email to be sent on a Monday! As this benchmark has maintained itself since lockdown, you could assume that other publishing cadences have also altered around the working week. Could the best time to tell people about products you love on your IG have moved to a Monday? Test it out and see.
  2. Not all industries and email types are seeing an uptake, however. Those that are still referencing the mutual lifestyle changes, albeit it, in a different and more subtle tone than in March, are finding better engagement overall. Ensure your tone is not dismissive of what’s going on around you.

After joining the Tribe Dynamics Summit, our assumptions of how brand affinity and value sharing for influencer project selection has been solidified. Brands are even more certain of Influencers essential part to play in marketing but will be ever more selective post-Covid.

  1. Lay the groundwork on your high-affinity brands now and research how their marketing values speak to yours
  2. Keep a tabs of how this would affect your pitches, what statistics demonstrate your alignment, and how your strengths could benefit them specifically. Create an ideal project plan for each of your target brands so it’s ready for when you approach.

May, 8th

Beauty companies/content have powered up EMV through the power of influencers, not just for big names brands like Fenty and Huda beauty but also indie brands like Boldface.

What can you do?

  1. Organic referencing of brands in your social is a must to better leverage your brand relationships in beauty but also in the more struggling apparel industry that is looking to grow their EMV
  2. If you create beauty content regularly, then get on Tik Tok. The platform has been pivotal for campaign effectiveness for brands such as Huda Beauty, therefore it could very well be a new swaying factor in brand relationships post-Covid.

TV pop culture is generating rippling high converting micro trends in product searches. From Tiger Print (Tiger King) 2 months ago, to Air Jordans (The Last Dance),  and now Connell’s (swooooon) silver chain necklace (Normal People).

What can you do?

  1. Pay attention to new top-performing TV content to see what’s buzzing
  2. Run these shows and related themes in Google Trends or even in Google Search Bar to find any opportunities – place bets on anything commercial you can talk about

People are getting bored with their sartorial choices at home. Outfit Inspiration is a trending term in Pinterest for the past 4 weeks, indicating that audiences are looking to find their creative mojo!

What can you do?

  1. Create thought-provoking styling tips orientated content with plenty of visuals (feel free to use old outfit images so long as you use a disclaimer that it was taken port to lockdown). Gamify the process by creating an outfit challenge on social too to generate buzz and UGC.
  2. Create mood board posts on your site and on Pinterest to feed the visual inspiration need. This is also a great way to share the love with others’ who’s style you covet, building reciprocal relationships for the future.

May, 1st

Apparel searches with joy-inducing colour palettes are globally rising. Think: Pink, Orange, Yellow and Multicolour as keywords.

What can you do?

  1. Create feel-good buy apparel edits based on colour
  2. Focus on fun items people can wear now – dresses, sweaters, accessories etc 

Cybercrime is increasing – FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center is currently receiving 3 to 4 times more cybersecurity complaints daily than their normal average of 1,000.

What can you do?

  1. Change your password and remember to not use the same password for all the accounts.
  2. Check the users you have on your WordPress backend and remove users who shouldn’t have access to your website any more.

Overall sales are showing signs of recovery as consumers adapt to the “new normal”

What can you do?

  1. Brands will begin working on recovery plans from now until summer. Boost your organic brand affinity by showing more love on social on a regular basis to stay top of mind.
  2. Assess your own successes in conversion since lockdown to map out how you can work with brands later in the year, given that consumers will live in a unique buying landscape during the 2020 Holiday period.

April, 24th

After the fear and learning zone, we’ve been seeing the audience entering the Growth Zone. This is great news for you as a content creator as their searches are getting more diverse.


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What can you do?

  1. Look into your Search Console results to see what content is having an increase in the last two weeks in clicks and impressions. Then work on updating those top-performing content looking for opportunities to either re-promote it or re-publish it.
  2. Read the room by paying more attention to your audience comments and invite them to an honest conversation on how they are feeling and what type of content they are looking for from you. You won’t be able to please everyone but this would give you a great indicator on the topics and formats they will accept well.

Pinterest is making it difficult to understand trends related to pandemic related terms such as “lockdown” and “quarantine”. Yet, Pinterest engagement is through the roof!

What can you do?

  1. we can assume that content related to these main keywords is being buried due to the spread of misinformation. Ensure you’re not optimising the content on these virus-specific terms
  2. Optimise your content for softer terms like “at home”. Create a board on this in your Pinterest and add any content you may have that fits within the Pandemic here.

Email Marketing data is showing that Monday has taken over as the prime day to send your emails for optimal OPR and CTR

What can you do?

  1. Test out a short Email on the next few Monday’s with a couple of links to assess the effectiveness for both commercial behaviour and reading content on the site
  2. The overall theme here is that audiences are using digital messages to establish the working week as lines were previously blurred. What else can you learn from this to add structure to the week with your communications?

April, 17th

Seasonal trends are beginning to creep back into on-site search terms e.g summer

What can you do?

  1. Plan to get ahead of the trend curve by finding your narrative around seasonal content. What do these trends now mean in the age of quarantine? If in doubt, ask your audience.
  2. Check for related terms in Google Trends to ascertain new linked queries to the topics that are beginning to emerge.

A challenge has the power to change consumer behaviour, even in fashion, even during the quarantine. Because of the #pillowchallenge on Instagram, searches for belts grew 17% last week before being on a decline since the beginning of the lockdown.

What can you do?

  1. Keep an eye on trendy items to react as soon as a spike happens. Lyst or Google trends are two great resources to help you know what is trending.
  2. Give your curated selection for those trendy items to your audience in the shape of affiliate links.


Lives have been the best tool to increase engagement with the audience. On Instagram and Facebook we are seeing a direct correlation between going live and reaching a larger audience.

What can you do?

  1. Keep an eye on our blog as we are collecting the best tips on how to make a successful Live but till then, think about what kind of lives you would like to create and what topics you would like to explore aligned with your blog, mission & vision.
  2. Submit your live to Your Live Guide so your followers can see your Live schedule, add it to the calendar and never miss a live again!


April, 10th

Traffic lost due to a reduction in apparel based search queries via Search Engines and Pinterest during March, is beginning to be compensated by other social channels due to increased engagement

What can you do?

  1. Increase your content promotion on your other social channels i.e. Instagram and Facebook
  2. Focus on driving discussion via captions, story Q&A’s and lives to boost engagement further


Email performance is increasing with tangible rises in Open Rate and Click-Through Rate

What can you do?

  1. Increase your emailing schedule with short and snappy messages that focus around one main narrative
  2. For an added lift, try to tie these into your social content too in order to capitalise on increased social engagement to boost your subscription rate


Together with the increased appetite for loungewear and sportswear, we are beginning to see increases in searches for lingerie, comfy shoes, statement earrings, at-home tech …. animal print apparel (thanks Tiger King!)

What can you do?

  1. Hedge your bets and build more product selections on these
  2. Bonus: find our most commercial channel and build a series of commercial content on the above starting from there, and then pushing traffic to your site


April, 3rd

Data is confirming our predictions on content searches: indoor and staying at home topics are seeing an increase in searches.

What can you do?

  1. Revise your content calendar for the upcoming weeks to provide valuable insights aligned with your readers’ search trends. For ideas, check our article with content ideas you could suit your mission and values plus this article from MOZ with graphics on how searches are increasing for certain topics.
  2. Tap into your Analytics to see what content performed the better during the last two weeks of March to find inspiration for new articles, to republish and even repromote evergreen content that your audience is finding valuable.


Most of the brands are afraid to spend right now and are reducing their affiliate commissions. However, there is an increase in sales in some areas like tech, streaming, loungewear, wellness and self-care.

What can you do?

  1. Be mindful of the brands you are organically promoting and choose carefully your partners prioritizing companies.
  2. Keep reaching out to brands and suggest affiliate links to your audience following the monetization tips during the lockdown suggested by CD.


Our digital community is amazing! Not that we needed a pandemic to teach us how amazing you all are but launching Small Business Big Influence with DBA showed us how much we can all reach when we come together.

What can you do?

  1. Join the movement! The more we are the better we can do to support small businesses.
  2. Tag @smallbusinessbiginfluence when you share small businesses you support.


March, 27th

More than ever, with a higher % of people staying at home, we are getting more eyes on the content – especially on IG.

What can you do?

  1. Take advantage of it by showing up your mission and values in a creative and appealing way.
  2. Use this as an opportunity to convert your followers into subscribers.


Collaboration over competition: more formatting went into lives with Influencers working to educate, entertain and inspire their followers by co-hosting lives with industry experts.

What can you do?

  1. Reach out to experts whom you know your audience would love to learn from and co-host an IG Live or Zoom.
  2. If you can, reach out to those who run small businesses and have been affected greatly by the loss of customers during this time.


Shopping conversion is starting to creep into the weekend rather than revolving after working hours during weekdays.

What can you do?

  1. Publish your affiliate content designed to induce retail therapy during the latter part of the working week
  2. Ensure a repromotion of this content on social media especially on Friday night or Saturday morning so as to replace in-store shopping activity. Make sure to leverage a sample of products in a few stories slides

Make sure you check in again next Friday to get the latest updates.

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