4 Key Points When Pitching Your Blog

Today we want to give you some tips to leverage your blog content when you are pitching your blog to brands partnerships. Nothing like knowing your value so you can promote yourself better.

In an era where Instagram is King of paid campaigns, let’s not forget the platform which you fully control: your blog!

Pitching Your Blog in Four Easy Steps


Informative content

Long-form blog posts generate nine times more leads than short-form blog posts due to the increased likelihood of going into depth on a topic and providing further value to your reader. Not only is this good for your reader relationship, but also for SEO as search engines look to suggesting more value add content.

What to say to brands? Long-form blog posts on products and brands give you a greater opportunity to demonstrate the product value to an audience willing to listen. Adding a post to your project builds better reciprocal value.



The content you write on your blog lasts forever – an IG Story lasts for 24 hours. Therefore your effort you both you and a brand put in a campaign won’t be ephemeral, if solely on social.

What to say to brands? Mixing the short term buzz of social and the long term value of blog content ensures you’re making a lasting impression on your reader which translates to more consistent ROI for brands.



As the content won’t disappear, it will be easier for brand’s consumers to search for your content (an actually find it) on your blog than on another platform. If a brand wants to reach the consumer during the decision phase, a blog post talking about it could be crucial to convince them to make a purchase.

What to say to brands? You can provide long-lasting value with a piece of content that is easily searchable, offering a point of view crucial when the brand’s consumers need to make a buying decision.


Your blog is the perfect stage to showcase all the formats you are able to create for a brand: copy, image, video and visual. Demonstrate your creativity in when pitching your brand collaborations, making sure to utilise your data on past projects that have converted well to make your case.

What to say to brands? Having control over your blog post content allows you to create a more compelling consumer experience through visuals and written content whilst on your blog, which social cannot replicate. This also expands the ways in which you can partner with brands across different projects, giving brands variety in what content they want to invest in.



Get comfortable pitching your blog by knowing how much your content can add value to a brand.

Ready, Steady, Go get those partnerships!

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