3 Fashion Blogging Mistakes You Are Making and Quick Ways To Fix Them

You pour your heart and soul into your blog.

You spend long nights crafting the ideal post and shooting those images.  You spend a fair share of your time promoting each new post on social media and engaging with your readers in the comment section.

However, there are some fundamental technical things you should be doing to help your blog grow, we list three mistakes below and how you can fix them.

  1. Failing To Optimize Your Images

The essential element of your fashion blog appeal and popularity are attractive, big and bright outfit shots. You spend hours on shooting and editing those till perfection. You may think your job is done once you hit “upload” and it’s time to promote the heck out of the new post.  And this is your big mistake.

If you run a fashion blog, image optimization is the art you need to master.

Optimized images help you gain new readers via Pinterest and Google Image Search and reduce the website load time – one of the key factors influencing your blog search rankings.

Here’s a quick checklist image optimization checklist to have you covered at all times!

  • Name each of your image files in plain English.  Change the standard DSC0001 name to a relevant keyword e.g. “simple summer outfit” for each image you upload to your blog.  A rule of thumb is to peek into your website analytics, and check out what phrases your readers use to perform searches.
  • Optimize your alt tags. Alt tag is a text description of your image for the search engine. Failing to include those means Google cannot recognize your image properly and rank it respectively.  Use the same wording as those for image file names.
  • Reduce image sizes. Did you know that an average person waits just 3 seconds for the website to load? And only 5 seconds on mobile devices! Everything beyond the number means your reader is likely to bounce off and move to another website. Google also ranks slow loading pages lower.  Solution? Follow these image-resizing tips to reduce the image weight without compromising the quality.
  1. Search Engine Optimization

You do know about SEO, right? The nifty technique that helps you get traffic from the search engines. If you already read some guidelines and even started implementing those, you might be guilty of overusing them in hope of faster results.

Here’s the deal – it takes 3 to 6 months to see actual results from an ethical SEO campaign.

Doing the following SEO mistakes consistently may lead to very pitiful outcome.

  • Duplicate Content a.k.a. publishing the same posts at two different blogs (on your blog and as a guest post, for instance) or publishing parts of someone else’s article without proper credits. Google penalties for duplicate content are severe – your blog may completely disappear from the search results and lose all the traffic. Make sure you link to the sources you quote and allow other websites to syndicate your posts only after they were indexed on your blog.
  • Keyword stuffing a.k.a using too many keywords in your content in hopes of higher rankings. “Buying cheap sunglasses is possible at Store X. This summer buying cheap sunglasses is a trend as everyone are buying cheap sunglasses.” – you got the idea, right?
  • Bad backlinks. How often do you see those ads offering a guaranteed Google 1st page ranking in just one week? As links are still among the top ranking factors for Google you need to spend some time acquiring those. However not all links were created equal. What you get if purchasing such a service is a bunch of low quality, spammy links that may push your website higher for a while…and result into a massive ranking drop as the new Google update rolls out.
  1. Ignoring Your Email List

All smart bloggers know that the email list is a sure-fire way to win the hearts and minds of the readers. 

Email marketing is an excellent tool to speak to your on a more personal level, generate more income with your fashion blog and make sure your new posts always get the attention they deserve.

Building your email list should be your priority from day one.  How?

  • Create a juicy sign-up incentive.  Quick, actionable and useful bait your readers would love to get. It could be a mini-course teaching how to create a basic wardrobe or a printable packing checklist – something small, yet worthy enough to exchange for an email address.
  • Host a competition or product giveaway. Ask readers to sign up with their email address to enter the draw or offer them to refer more friends via email to increase their chances of winning the grand prize or getting an additional bait e.g. special product discount.


Now, back to you: what are the biggest blogging mistakes you have made so far? How did you manage to overcome them?

6 responses to “3 Fashion Blogging Mistakes You Are Making and Quick Ways To Fix Them

  1. Hi Chloe, this is such a great post. I have 2 questions for you:
    1. You note that links are still among the top ranking factors for Google you need to spend some time acquiring those – will you please provide guidance on how I would do this? Where do I acquire good links and how do I go about doing this?

    2. When I name my images, I was told to use the lower case between each word that is connected, then a hyphen between words that are not connected, like this: fall_fragrances_for_women-fall_fashion_2015. Is this ok? Do you recommend having these lower case and hyphen?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Happy you liked it Becky! 1. I’ll get a blog post up about this so stay tuned. 2. Lowercase and hyphened is fine, check out this article for further information. x

  2. Hello Great Post Indeed about Mistakes, bloggers make these days.

    Personally, when I started my career in blogging, I was not sure, for whom I am writing for and what I need to provide to attract readers.

    Also, i was focused on writing for search engines as I wanted my posts to rank, but actually it was a big mistake from my side.

    As, I have learned over the past few months, we just need to cover the topic by maintaining quality and rest will be ok itself..

    But I sadly believe, many still not aware of this fact, they are still making tons of mistakes in blogging.

    So, they need to start reading more to get more knowledge and then proceed in blogging the right way.

    So, brilliantly described points.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I would must say that you just rocked in this article. 😀

    It doesn’t matter, In which field you are working. You would definitely make mistakes and these mistakes will help you to learn something new. So we should never afraid of doing mistakes.

    In this article, the blogging mistakes which you have mentioned above are very much common which most of the bloggers or webmasters make when they start their blogging career.

    When bloggers like me do mistakes then It is obvious that they can’t generate that result which they want because of that mistake. When It happens, they again start doing all the things and tries to find what they did wrong in previous turn and then they find their mistakes and learn from that mistake.

    So some how, mistakes helped us to learn new things. Right? 😀

    Most of the people think that doing mistakes will give them failures which they never want but they should understand that every successful person makes mistake at their initial stages and learn from them.

    Every successful blogger copied others article once in their blogging journey but later they learned and started writing by themselves.

    I would like to give a great Thanks to you for covering these amazing blogging mistakes which people can use to learn from them. 😀

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