2021 New Years Resolutions for Influencers

Enough with this new year new you schtick. You’re wonderful and you should know it! Instead of changing who you are we suggest focusing on where you want to grow and build. Where better than through your business. When building out goals for next year, we suggest focussing on those that achievable, purposeful and value-driven that are tied to your plan for scalable growth. You may have recently seen questions you should ask yourself, which will help you finetune your goal direction. This will be vital to building out your January hit the ground running plan. We also know from our strategy conversations with a wide range of influencers and our work in 2021 predictions that there are some industry resolutions you should 100% add to your list. We’ve asked the team to share what should be on your resolution list this year. Here are our 2021 New Years Resolutions for Influencers:

2021 New Years Resolutions resolutions to add to your list now


  1. I will collaborate

    Right now the influencer industry is very siloed and often a very lonely place to operate your business. With constant comparing and contrasting with others, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. To break this cycle is to be active in breaking it. Collaborate more with content creators. Build each others’ communities and leverage each other’s voices. This is the best way to not only stifle the tunnel vision but also find opportunities to innovate.

  2. I will support diversity

    On the note above, use your platform to lift the voices of others that do not have the opportunity. Focus on your value and find voices that provide differing opinions to give a more real-life feel to your approach. Whether nano, micro, medium or mega, a platform is a platform…use it!

  3. I will create more consistent multimedia content

    Video and audio will reign king going into 2021. Video has completely transformed the delivery of content to audiences in need during this disastrous year and has now evolved into a more sophisticated, purpose-driven content type for a majority of content creators. No longer a nice to have, but more of a must-have, the question going into 2021 should be how and where do I integrate it not if!

  4. I will focus on value

    A majority of consumers needed more how-to content this year in response to lockdown. This need resulted in the need for more long-form, value-rich content on websites and on video. This tricked into all content types, both long and snackable – from youtube videos, articles to Tik Toks and reels. Your content should have a purpose if you want to grow. Even that short reel. Even the more “frivolous” Tik Toks have a distinct value. Try to articulate it before executing to make your content planning more efficient.

  5. I will cherish my authenticity

    One thing that this year has taught us is that authenticity is key. The greater amount of time you spent in front of your audience this year means a great connector between you and the reader. Creating authentic content and high-affinity product recommendations were vital to maintaining revenue this year. Your audience can see through something that doesn’t make sense for you. Cherish this. This isn’t a hindrance but a place to establish your brand voice, aesthetic and identity.

  6. I will FINALLY tackle email marketing

    The dreaded email shouldn’t have such a bad reputation in the influence world but it does – because it’s deemed as a less jazzy channel to operate compared to IG, with less of an immediate endorphin rush. Email, however, is a long term thing, a channel to which is vital to nurture going into 2021. Email was the channel that was imperative to maintaining e-commerce revenue for brands during the duration of lockdown. Moreover, the spike in email open and click-through rates was sustained over the entire of 2020 ensuring its place as the nurturing channel of choice in 2021. If you’re starting from scratch, our advice is to break it down to the basics of the welcome, and ongoing email cadence (at a pace that you can maintain) – set up and evolve from there.

  7. I will stop comparing and create my own solutions

    Quite often our clients tell us they want to do x, y or z because they’ve seen it elsewhere. The truth is that 50% of the time it’s not the best idea to adopt practices that you’ve seen elsewhere unless you’ve vetted them against your own goals and can innovate to make it your own. It’s a wiser decision to find your own challenges, think up your own solutions and then ascertain where others have tackled like challenges to see if there is any inspiration to finetune your ideas. The same goes for carving out your own revenue. After the drop in brand partnerships in 2020, a number of influencers realised the potential to launch their own offering to the market. Again, these conversations can easily be dominated by what is already out there – instead focus in on what audience needs are unmet and find where you sit in providing that solution. The benchmarking should only come in to see how to deliver that value. Not to copy. But to build upon.

  8. I will believe my worth

    With BLM highlighting the pay discrepancies between different content creators for reasons such as sexuality, race, size and age…it’s clear that there is a vicious cycle of not being valued and therefore not demanding your worth. The low balling as a result makes it trickier to negotiate with brands that SHOULD be working with you. It’s ok to step away from a partnership if there isn’t a mutual understanding of your value. Feel empowered to explain your value to brands, with receipts and concepts that make your offering unique. Stand firm. Believe your own hype!

  9. I will nurture myself alongside my audience

    Nurture should be the word of 2021. When discussing nurturing, it’s often in terms of your audience. ensuring that you’re giving exclusive content via the right channels, consistently assessing their emotional sentiment and communicating with them effectively on these terms. This is why email will be crucial. What is imperative though is that your skillset will also have to evolve as new channels need to be operated on, new types of media created, and further areas of your business expanding. There will be more and more new practical skills to learn. Often it is not having sufficient time to learn these new skills that halt influencers from tackling email or multimedia content.

    Our advice: ruthlessly carve out that time for you! You need to have the scope to learn and not just about practical skills but also digital strategy, content marketing and campaign best practices. Make sure you set aside time each week for your own skillset nurturing.

  10. I will take time off

    It’s ok to say “enough”. It’s important to put your mental health ahead of your business. You should feel empowered to take time out when you need it. What often stops people from doing so is the anxiety of missing something. Instead, ask yourself, if you were to stop doing what you usually do tomorrow for a week – what would actually happen. List it. Analyse the risk. Then, build simple safety nets in preparation of future operation eject-a-seat based off of high-risk areas identified. This could be having a set number of posts/stories/pins to schedule in case you aren’t able to operate your social. This could also be having old articles ready to republish for that month in case you miss a deadline. This could also be just having a drafted notice to your audience explaining your hiatus. The chances are, the risk isn’t that bad if you were to prioritise your sanity! In doing so you may even learn ways to boost your daily efficiency.

2020 really has been the year of the content creator. Think of this as a great foundation for reaching your goals for 2021. We believe in you. We believe in our vision. We believe in your ability to reach them. Go get ’em tiger!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on your New Years Resolutions. Let us know in the comments

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