2021 Influencer Industry Predictions

Borrow our crystal ball for 2021

You may have noticed that our chloédigital consultants, Marisa and Jamila, shared their strategy predictions with the Riviere Agency recently 👀. Building on the successful CD World From Home Summit earlier in the year, our consultants delved even deeper to fine-tune what should be of focus for influencers as we head into 2021. Might we add: these 2021 predicitons for the influencer industry aren’t just for influencers but overall content creators, brands and digital businesses too!

Expect to learn more about…:

  • how the pandemic has shifted digital behvaiour
  • where consumers are spending their time since lockdown
  • the power of online content in the new status quo
  • what to consider going into the holidays
  • what this means long term as we head into 2021
  • tactical tips to flex now ahead of 2021…..plus plenty more!!!!

Want to tune in?

Bring your notepad!

You can watch the presentation below.

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