2020 Holiday content planning: What to consider NOW?

Is it Christmas yet? Well, we can all hope. Turns out your audience is in the same boat, wishing that Christmas comes early. Unsurprisingly this is something that is worth taking note of and planning around. Typically high-level Holiday content planning is conducted during the end of Q2 and beginning of Q3, so no news there. However, it’s worth it, given how strange 2020 has been thus far, to give yourself as much tactical preparation as possible. So how to go about preparing for the holidays now?

It starts with your content calendar

List any ideas you may have for new content and ideas of annual content posts you create that you will want to generate this year. Map out what that content schedule will look like now…yes it’s early, but preparation is key!

Assess your monetisation

Consumers are in a completely different mindset this year compared to 2019. It’s worthwhile to hypothesise how and what and when your audience will want to consume in Q4 It’s predicted that most consumers are hoping to scale back in expenditure but this doesn’t mean that this period is any less monetisable. Instead, look over your recent conversions to see if there are any product trends or communication styles in commercial content that resonated with your audience. Plan your product positioning around this. Our tip: focus on feelgood artisanal buys.

Get ahead with the trends

Pinterest users are beginning to pin holiday content now for more reasons rather than practical. Tapping into the trend of nostalgia it looks like the holiday period is being used as a means to transport us to the pre-2020 saga. Our tip: Focus on family, happy childhood times and things that make you warm and fuzzy. How can your content chime in with this theme?

We’re not done with trends…

As for your planned content from the first step…have a look at Google Trends to see when these key themes are beginning to trend and time your publishing accordingly so as to be publishing at the beginning of the trajectory and not in the midst of the buzz.

And last but not least…update now

Run through your top-performing content from last year and begin to update these. You don’t have to republish just yet but updating allows you to take advantage of early searchers without having to leverage new content.

Need some more tips on the Holidays? Check out our post on Holiday content planning.

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