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We recently published a teamCD post about how to bring your pictures to life through locations. So now I (Christina, CD Account Consultant!) am jumping in and taking you on a tour of my all-time favourite destination in case you’re in need of travel inspo for your next exotic shoot. It features tropical backgrounds to match your Instagram and blog needs – what else could you ask for?

Hopefully it will inspire a new trip…and a new post! 😉 And the lucky destination is…


In the Southern part of Africa lays a country called Tanzania, with a small island called Zanzibar on its coast (FYI, it’s 18 hours from NYC, and 9 hours from London, and it’s worth every single second!). It’s hot, covered in palm trees, and the people are so incredibly friendly – winning!

Most visitors first head to the mainland to go on a Safari in the Serengeti National Park or the Ngorongoro Conservation, then onto the island for a few days of R+R (that’s Rest & Relaxation for the cool kids)… but not me! Always the keen traveller and one who doesn’t play by the rules, I spent two weeks in Zanzibar exploring on my own. Sorry mum and dad!

Here’s my guide to Zanzibar – the perfect destination for a tropical break with some beautiful photoshoot locations to match!


Tembo Hotel –  Located only 3 minutes away from the Old Fort of Zanzibar, this exotic hotel was built in 1834 and has heritage status, so even if you visit for a drink or some lunch, you’ll learn a thing or two. Win-win!

The Manta Resort – This hotel is on a smaller island next to Zanzibar (so it still counts). If you book early, you have the option of having your hotel room partially underwater. You can sunbathe on your private deck in the day and watch the sea life as you drift off to sleep… How dreamy.

Ocean Paradise Resort – Slightly biased, but this is where I stayed for 2 wonderful weeks! I slept in a room that was bigger than a London apartment. Admittedly anything is bigger than a London apartment, but in here I also got to wake up to the sound of waves and the view of the ocean. They had a breakfast and dinner buffet, so of course, I tried everything! If the whole experience wasn’t relaxing enough, then the spa will make sure that you never want to leave!

Picture Credits: The Manta Resort


Mnarani Marine Turtles Conservation Pond – Local fishermen bring in injured turtles from sea, and they’re fed and nursed back to health before being freed. You can grab some snorkels and swim with the turtles too! I’ve never seen a pond that looked so good in my whole life!

Picture Credits: / Michael Scholl

Picture Credits: / Michael Scholl

Wander in Stone Town – This is the busiest part of the island and there’s a lot to see. You can visit the Emerson Spice House, the Forodhani food market, and the Palace Museum. There are lots of beautiful doors and plenty of kind residents who are happy to stop doing what they’re doing and turn into your personal professional photographer for a solid 10 minutes! If you get on a boat outside Tembo Hotel, it’ll take you to Prison Island where you can see and feed giant tortoises that are over 100 years old. How amazing?

Relax – No matter where you are on the island, you’re never far away from a beach. The sand is white, and the water is clear blue. What else do you want from life?


Full Disclaimer: If you’re wondering how/why I went to Zanzibar… Pinterest made me do it! I saw a picture on my feed of The Rock, and booked my flight within a few months. It’s a restaurant built on a stand alone rock in the ocean, and when the tide comes in, you’re completely surrounded by water! A great place for fresh food and Piña Coladas, I had about 4!

Picture Credits: The Rock Zanzibar website

Picture Credits: The Rock Zanzibar


Zanzibar is an amazing island that will forever have a special place in my heart. Here’s what I learnt during my two weeks there:

  • I went on a Spice Tour and found out that pineapples grow straight up and out of the ground, and not from trees. Who knew? Not me!
  • The endorphins you get after tracking dolphins in the ocean means that when you go to the zoo later that day, you feel brave and start holding snakes and lizards… it’s a proven fact, dolphins make people happy!
  • Always say yes to an adventure, you never know what will happen! The pilot who flew our connecting flight from Nairobi to Zanzibar took a slight detour so that we could fly past the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. So technically, I’ve been to the top right?

What do you think my dear style publishers, have I convinced you to get your tickets to Zanzibar yet?!

Christina x

About the author: Wheat-free Account Consultant at chloédigital. Christina empowers publishers by helping them understand their audience better, and envision their goals, by looking at data through an analytical eye.

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