The Influencer’s Five Rules To Success

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People come to bloggers for advice, opinions, and shopping tips, and brands keep a close eye on them as well to promote their products and services.


Because influencers add value to the industry. They offer unique insights and information to their audience, become opinion and trendsetters and manage to build a highly engaged following of like-minded peeps around them.

So, how do you make it to the Top 10? Here’s everything you need to know about making a transition from content creator to one of the niche leaders!

Solve Your Readers’ Problems

Ego-blogging, which focuses solely on a publisher’s needs and solutions, is on the decay as more inviting and relatable blogs are on the rise. People no longer consume content to purely get a sneak-peek at someone’s private life (unless you are Kim Kardashian of course!). They still want this content, of course! But they want to know “what’s in it for them” and get tangible value. Hence, back to the first point – move from publishing content you find attractive and focus more on what your audience wants and needs.

Reciprocity is Key

You need to have a deep understanding of what your audience wants. Tap into Google Analytics to review your most popular posts and understand what they have in common. Browse your comment section and fan mail – what are the common questions, concerns and requests and how can you reciprocate to them?

Do people ask how you edit your Instagram pics? Create a guide and an editing checklist as email subscription bait.

Ask your readers directly what type of content do they like reading, what topics they lack and so on. It can be done via your blog posts, with a quick survey or through your newsletter. This way, you will be able to understand what exactly you want from others and what you can offer to set this reciprocal relationship in motion.

Consistency and Commitment

Most people have a perceived connection between commitment and consistency. As an influencer, you need to learn how to trigger these.

Want more readers to return to your blog when new content is published? Encourage them to hop onto your newsletter or to follow you on Bloglovin’.

Create an editorial calendar and stick to it, so that your readers know you have something new up every certain amount of time and keep returning to your site to find it. Remember that you can alter your audience’s habits, you just need to change yours first!

Become More Likeable

This one is simple – we feel more connected to people we find attractive. Maybe we can relate to them in some ways, maybe we have similar thoughts and so on.

To appear more likeable, invest time and efforts in building trust and meaningful connections with others in the industry. Don’t be shy about throwing in a powerful personal story once in a while or talking about failures and other mishaps. This won’t diminish your authority status. On the contrary, it will make you appear more “human” and more genuine!

Build Your Authority

Did you know that we automatically tend to perceive people with authority as those having good judgments, even if that’s not always the case? People also have a built-in impulse to comply with authority, and experience a sense of obligation towards an authority figure.

As an influencer, you supply authority, but you should also know how to leverage the authority of others. This can be done in many ways – from guest posting or getting featured at a more popular blog or online magazine to starting a creative collaboration with a bunch of other influencers in your niche. Don’t be shy to approach like-minded peeps and join your efforts for reaching the same goal e.g. growing your Instagram following or cross-promoting your blog.

Last but not least – your work should always be professional, smart and high quality. There’s no shortcut to becoming a successful influencer, but hard work combined with your unique point of view can make it happen!

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