The Hidden Character: Bring Pictures To Life Through Locations

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Backdrops and locations play an essential role in photoshoots, yet they are sometimes disregarded. As a style publisher, when styling a photoshoot session your outfits choices are of course, your top priority. But if you want your blog to really stand out and be visually eye-catching, you should never underestimate the importance of a powerful location or backdrop. Here we explain why:


Choosing the right location can be an incredibly useful tool to help you tell a story: of the outfit you are wearing, of who you are, of where and why you are in a certain place. An outfit picture shot next to an anonymous tree doesn’t tell much to your readers about who you are or the reasons why you chose that specific outfit for the day.

Adding details is what helps you tell a story and connect with your readers. If you title your post ‘Summer Memories’ your readers will want to see where you have actually spent your holidays, not just the outfits you’ve worn.This way, you will be able to display not only the key pieces of the outfit but to send out the entire vibes surrounding it as well through context.


Always remember that your blog acts as the main displayer of your personality. It’s your own brand, it’s your window to the world and it shows to it who you really are. Fashion is a creative tool of self expression and choosing the right location is just as much part of the game as the clothing pieces you are selecting.

And if you’re not a fashion blogger, then showing your personality through locations becomes even more important! I.e. If you are a travel blogger, it is essential that your pictures have a soul and tell something about the place just as much as yourself, instead of being beautifully crafted- but soulless- postcards.  


If you define your style as urban chic, then a cool, minimal urban backdrop can become the manifesto of your style. If you are a romantic soul, a dreamy, countryside location is what you should go for. The location you choose must compliment your style and make it stand out. A dull, boring location might have the opposite effect, resulting in losing readers and traffic.


Photographs are fundamental to draw readers in. Non banal, visually eye-grabbing pictures (in terms of both colours and composition) are what catch your audience’s attention. Your readers would be more interested in an exotic location rather than an anonymous white background, wouldn’t they?

The more you engage with your readers, the more you’ll get out of blogging – and so will they, by returning for both written and visual inspiration! And what better way to catch their eye than by turning your locations into another character of the story you are telling them?

After all, isn’t that what the iconic Sex and the City has taught us, turning New York into the fifth, authoritative member of one of the most loved TV series of all time?

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