Interview: Billie Whitehouse, Co-Founder and Designer for Wearable Experiments (We:eX)

Today we are interviewing Co-Founder and Designer for Wearable Experiments (We:eX) a company dedicated to developing a combination of integrated hard wear technology, software and design

Billie Whitehouse

Hi Billie, Please briefly introduce yourself and ‘Wearable Experiments’ to our readers?

I am the cofounder and designer for Wearable Experiments (We:eX). We founded We:eX off the back of two companies; my own family business Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia and Snepo, technology and research development lab by Ben Moir.

Wearable Experiments is the combination of integrated hard wear technology, software and design.

I prefer to use the word design because fashion or apparel design is too limiting. The way I feel about design is that it is all encompassing it is not defined by categories or trends it last the test of time.

Meeting Bob Geldof must have been a pretty epic moment, how did this inspire Wearable Experiments?

When hearing Sir Bob Geldof speak about the disappointment of our generation and the money addiction that plagues so many people, all I could think is that integrity and design were the only answers. When I met him afterwards I was a little speechless, at a time when I wanted to say so much. He really speaks from the heart about how to activate change. I left feeling like all I know is that I don’t know much at all. But that I am curios enough to keep trying.

The fashion industry is addicted to change, however we can’t continue to consume at this rate. What I believe is that we can put design back in the forefront rather than fast fashion. We can work with consumers and give them what they need and want, while understanding their dependence on technology.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in your business today?

The biggest challenge in our business today is finding the right partners for mass production. We have problem solved most of these issues however it is such a new market that there is still a lot of fear around producing large quantities.

What is a digital trend that really excites you?

In the short term:

The sharing of personal data is exciting to me. We can learn so much about ourselves/habits and modern evolution.

Long term:

Holographic projections fascinate me. I cannot wait to see how this changes the scope of design education and eventually moving textiles.

wearable experiments

Can you share something that is happening at Wearable Experiments?

We will be speaking at Apps World London about our newest product Navigate.

“Technology companies are rebranding into media companies and media companies are rebranding into technology companies. Nobody knows how the next three years will pan out” in three years time how do you see wearable technology in the fashion industry?

When (not if) the fashion industry fully support the wearable tech movement, the change will be in full swing. The fashion forward are often the early adopters and wearable devices will be apart of their lives as much as their daily clothes. “The fashion industry” is often defined by brands however we have seen the democratisation of fashion and I believe that wearables will play a further part in this. It allows the person to wear the clothes not the clothes wearing the person. My hope for wearables is that they will be devices that help people to live “well”.

What’s next for Wearable Experiments?

We are in the process of planning our expansion. We are working on several exciting projects. There are opportunities to showcase at the first ever Wearable Technology Fashion Week in London in 2014 as well as one in Las Vegas.

Find out more about We:eX here and follow what Bille has to say on twitter here.