5 Proven Tips To Find Part-Time Help For Your Blog

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When your blog is steadily growing (yay!) your authority as a style publisher increases – and running your site requires more work. That’s when you need to start thinking about hiring some extra help to keep slaying and achieve more blogging goals!

If you’re thinking of hiring additional help but you’re not yet ready to invest in full-time team members, there are two options available for you: you can either opt to build a regular team that works part-time, whether this means that they work less daily hours than a full-time employee or only a couple of days per week, or choose to hire freelances, which is a much more flexible option as they work on specific projects whenever you need them.

Today we share 5 proven tips to help you find part-time help for your blog:


Networking during lifestyle, tech and business events and conventions is a great way to meet people in your niche that share the same interests as you. Think of these events as a way to meet potential like-minded people who might be interested in your blog – and joining your team! Chances are that the people you meet at industry mixers already have jobs and projects going on, and might just be the perfect match to work part-time for you.


The talent pool for part-time jobs varies from teenagers looking for their first job to professionals with an impressive resumé. Writing a well-crafted job description is essential to attract the right candidates. The trick is to write a well-detailed job description clearly stating out what exactly you’re looking for in a candidate and the experience you’re seeking, making sure that the candidates match your business’ vibes, and sending out the message that despite it being a part-time job they would still play an essential role in your team. 

If you’re opting for a freelancer instead, make sure you’re writing a well-crafted project description, outlining the skills your freelancer must have and explaining in detail what the project is about (i.e. I’m looking for a freelancer with SEO skills for a 500w blog post on the 2016 Fall must-haves).


Once you’ve written a killer job/project description, the next step is choosing where to post it. Picking the right platform is as important as writing a well-crafted description.  To help you slim down the list of potential websites you could post on, we’ve picked our two top choices:

  • People Per Hour is a great platform where you can post a job/task offer and receive applications from interested candidates, who will submit a proposal and contact you with their ‘covering letter’.
  • Another great, even though slightly different, platform is Writer’s Access. Here you can find freelancers’ profiles with a really comprehensive description of their experience, and samples of their writing (which you can access when you are logged in). The way this site works is almost like browsing and shopping for a writer: you are who has to approach them with a job or task proposal.


Your readers (and your hard work and dedication, of course) are what makes your business going. They are passionate about your brand, curious and engaged, and follow your updates so sometimes it can happen that the best fit for your job is right one of them! The most important quality that you need to seek in a candidate is the knowledge and passion for your business and niche industry so a faithful, engaged reader might be exactly the person you were looking for. Use your social media profiles to let your audience know you’re looking for some extra help, you might find out that one of your dedicated readers is a talented freelancer or a writer looking for a part-time job! 


Once you’ve found a few potential candidates, the final steps involve asking them to send you links or extracts to their previous work, and, if you’re going for a part-time employee, interviewing them to make sure that they can actually be the perfect fit for your team and business.

Going through their previous work can help you get an idea of what their writing style and tone of voice are as well as understand if they match with your own blogging voice. On the other hand, an interview gives you the possibility to dig a bit more about the candidate’s experience and allows you to feel that person’s vibes and understand if they match with the ones of your other members. To avoid losing focus, you need to prepare for the interview as well. The best way to do it is by picturing in your mind the person you’d like to hire and prepare specific questions to ask.

Looking for part-time help, whether you’ve opted for freelancers or part-time employees, is a big step for your business so make sure you’re spending as much time carefully choosing the next add to your team as you would do for a full-time employee!

Back to you! Have you ever hired part-time help for your blog? Which job platforms did you use? Let us know in the comments!


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