4 Things You Should Consider When Choosing Your New Hosting

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Choosing the right web hosting for your blog is like choosing the perfect shade of red lipstick: tricky, but once you’ve found the one you’re ready to slay.

Reliable web hosting is a vital pillar when building a website and the company you choose will likely affect the way your blog is delivered to your readers. Wondering how to make the right decision? Here we’re sharing four things your web hosting should offer you:


Down time refers to every blogger’s main nightmare: when your site is inaccessible to your readers, eek! According to the responsiveness of your web host, this time can vary from minutes to several hours, making you run the risk of losing potential visitors.

Plus, when choosing your hosting company, you should keep in mind the amount of traffic you expect and the host’s ability to deal with high traffic peaks. For example, it’s important that your hosting can identify and anticipate high traffic periods, like Fashion Weeks, Black Friday and Nordstrom Sales, and prepare your blog accordingly, avoiding the risk of any down time.


A good web host is key in the battle against spam traffic and malware. A reliable hosting will run daily checks to avoid any potential virus coming too close to your blog and guard your data from all the threats and modern web hazards. A reputable hosting company will also offer 24/7 assistance with technical support, maintenance and all other security issues.


One of the goals of every style publisher is to make their blog ranks highly in search engines, scoring high on search results and getting its well-deserved clicks. However, if your hosting company is not reliable and your site is repeatedly down when search engines are attempting to visit it, this will negatively affect your SEO ranking. On the contrary, if your blog has very little down time it is much more likely to score highly in the SEO ranking, yay!


Ever wondered how heavy-image blogs load fast even with slow connections? This is mainly thanks to their hosting company, which allows them to load heavy pages in just a few seconds. Plus, a reliable host won’t affect your site’s speed even when thousands of people are trying to access it all at the same time!


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