3 Ways to Use Your Network to Build Your Fashion Blog (beginners guide)

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Success as a fashion blogger has its perks, but it doesn’t happen fast overnight. After choosing the best platform, defining your content (such as combining photography and beauty, design, food and travel), selecting the best name for your brand and starting off your fashion blog, the hard work of promoting it will probably never end. Here are a few ideas on how you can use your network to build your fashion blog.

Sharing is key

A fashion blog will only succeed if it is being read and visited. If you are just starting, begin small and easy by promoting the blog to your social media friends, and of course offline friends and family. Do this without annoying anyone and you will be able to test your content and brand. The idea is getting your unique content out there for feedback from readers and visitors to your blog.

Once you feel comfortable with your content and having received enough feedback and honest criticism, it’s time to take networking and sharing into the next level. Reach out potential readers and other fashion bloggers through Twitter. A simple tweet is a massive way of building lots of relationships that really pay off. Accept feedback, try to arrange fashion blogging interviews with other bloggers and build your network even further.

Use online communities

At the beginning of your blogging you need all the help you can get -and this should not stop even after you become successful! Online communities are wonderful at promoting any brand. Use a referral source such as Bloglovin’, Lookbook, Chictopia and Canopi among others, where other fashion bloggers are. These networks will get you a lot of insight and knowledge from the industry to help you take your fashion to the next level.

Network online, and offline!

Fashion bloggers never stop building their networks, no matter at what stage of their career they are. Networking has a way of continually building your blog and takes a brand to a whole new level. While online, seek guest posting opportunities, find local fashion blogging networks, and contribute to a magazine or another blog.

Take it offline and involve yourself in your local fashion scene. Maximise on blogging conferences, attend fashion workshops as well as London or New York Fashion Week. Check out Go Blog Social and see how blogging conferences are helping build blog brands!

Run Contests

Most fashion bloggers think they are too small to run any formidable contests that will help them put their brand strongly out there. However, giveaways have always been an exciting and popular way of stirring an audience. The prize, theme and contest entry method have to be aligned with the mission of your blogging brand though. What is the priority of your blog? More likes and following on Facebook and Twitter? Award fans for liking your page or following your Twitter handle.

There are no shortcuts to success, building your network over time will be great for you and your blog.


Got another fundamental tip that you’ve found helpful to grow your blog? We’d love to hear it!

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